Letters To The Editor, 11th March 2017

Taxi/carrier bases Suresh Chand, Nadi Fiji Taxi Association general secretary Rishi Ram is heard commending the A-G for his ultimatum to all Land Transport Authority staff, board members and their
11 Mar 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 11th March 2017
Letters to the editor

Taxi/carrier bases

Suresh Chand, Nadi

Fiji Taxi Association general secretary Rishi Ram is heard commending the A-G for his ultimatum to all Land Transport Authority staff, board members and their immediate family members who have acquired public service vehicle (PSV) permits and licences during their term with LTA to either surrender their permits and licences or resign.

Mr Ram said: “This is very good and that is how it should be. We support the A-G’s move and we also believe that this is in the best interest of the public.”

Such bold action is not heard of in the past. I also fully support the A-G for his timely summoning. This is one part of the equation. The other is the town and city councils who are responsible for issuing taxi and carrier bases in their respective zones.

With the same energy, could the same be applied to all local Government staff and their immediate family members who have acquired council bases during their term with council without any second thoughts?

You can start with Nadi Town Council.


Namosi Joint Venture issues

Venasio Tokatokavanua, Namosi Village

I write in reply to Romeo Rokotagalevu’s letter on March 1, this year as a former chairman of Tikina Namosi Landowners Committee (TNLC).

Firstly, Romeo Rokotogalevu is not a name under any mataqali in Namosi to my understanding, but Romeo Qaqanilawa is. I also do not understand how one Romeo Rokotogalevu became a secretary to an infant landowners’ committee being named after the Namosi Joint Ventures Special Prospecting License No.1420 of the fact that Rokotogalevu is a foreign name to Namosi.

In his letter, he stated that TNLC was being represented by only a small faction of landowners and the majority of landowners were with the 1420 Committee because of their experience with TNLC not consulting them.

TNLC was formulated in 2009 with a consent signed by more than 60 per cent of each mataqali members who have trusted TNLC leadership in comparison to the Namosi Exploration Committee and the infant 1420 Committee. A question that I would love Romeo Qaqanilawa (Rokotogalevu) to answer is what legal process did the 1420 committee follow so that they could verify their mandate of representing the minority mataqali they represent that would be directly affected by Namosi Joint Venture’s (NJV) activities?

I want to know if the 1420 committee has the mandate, so to speak, on behalf of the majority members they are claiming to represent and, if possible, to be highlighted yet again in this column. The mataqali that I have highlighted have consented which TNLC have evidence of and most importantly are directly affected by NJV current activities.

TNLC has the consent of the mataqali Leqwaya of Nasele Village, Naitasiri; mataqali Tabaivunaqumu; mataqali Naitavuni and mataqali Nakulasa of Naseuvou, Naitasiri; mataqali Nadakunibure, Nailago and Naocokavika of Waivaka Village in Namosi; mataqali Vanuaca and mataqali Burekalou of Narukunibua; mataqali Nabukebuke Nasigatoka of Nasigatoka Village, Namosi; mataqali Navuakece of Namosi; Tokatoka Qalituraga of Nakavika, Namosi; mataqali Nadoi of Navunikabi, Namosi; mataqali Vatuvula of Saliadrau (Kasinaura); and majority members of the mataqali Nabukebuke, Namosi, of which Romeo Qaqanilawa is a member of.

My understanding as the first chairperson of the TNLC was that it was formulated with the blessings of the paramount chief of Namosi, Ratu Suliano Matanitobua.

Most importantly the paramount chief chose me as the first chairperson of TNLC, and chose Iosefo Tauleka Rauto to replace me.

Romeo Qaqanilawa saying that they were not consulted and there were no flaring in Namosi on NJV exploration works were baseless, unethical, unprofessional and illegitimate since it goes against the blessings of the Tui Namosi to TNLC back in 2009.

Sadly to say, that majority members of Romeo Qaqanilawa also called Romeo Rokotogalevu, a name new to mataqali (Nabukebuke, Namosi) did not support the 1420 Committee. He should get his facts right rather than giving false information publicly.

I would also like to inform Romeo Qaqanilawa that TNLC has every bit of evidence to prove his claim null and void and this is the main reason why I am contemplating my response in this column.

I would also like to know why they had chosen 1420 as the name of their committee since 1420 is the number of the SPL given to NJV.

We named our committee TNLC believing that we should have a name that stands for the people we represent and cared for. TNLC stands for Tikina Namosi Landowners Committee. Which committee stands for the people?

Romeo and his committee should understand that the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is a very flexible person and would love to meet the infant 1420 Committee to hear their lament, but should be wary that the PM will only believe what 1420 is harming if 1420 provides evidence without reasonable doubt of what they are persisting about.

Romeo and his committee should also be mindful of the fact that TNLC fully supports the Government roadmap but would love to keep intact their home of histories, Namosi.

TNLC is for any development that would benefit the nation as a whole. But sustainable enough to preserve the environment, maintain harmony among neighbouring province to Namosi, helping address the global crisis that we have now called Climate Change. And most importantly keep intact the generation of Namosi, our culture, our beliefs, our tradition and above them all our God.

Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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