Nigella’s Triumph After Overcoming Tragedy

Wednesday March 8 marked a very important date in the calendar for many people across the globe as it is of course International Woman’s Day. This day has great significance
12 Mar 2017 15:56
Nigella’s Triumph After Overcoming Tragedy
Ajay Bhai Amrit with Nigella Lawson.

Wednesday March 8 marked a very important date in the calendar for many people across the globe as it is of course International Woman’s Day.

This day has great significance for so many reasons and is a celebration of women with this year’s theme: Be Bold For Change; call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world and a more inclusive, gender equal world.

You don’t have to look far to find female heroes as they generally are our mothers, grandmothers or family and friends who are simple hard working people but contribute immensely to make our lives better.

When you talk about international celebrities who are champions for women there are many to choose from but unfortunately the majority are doing it lip service and not actually leading by example.

During my many interviews conducted from a broad spectrum of society I have come across a handful of stimulating women who I found to be very independent and genuinely inspirational.

I have chosen two wonderfully talented and generous women to write about who I have interviewed and can vouch for as people who have worked hard to gain success and are also truly inspirational.

The first woman I would like to introduce you to is a global brand in her own right and is affectionately known as the Food Goddess, her name is Nigella Lawson and her specialty is cooking.

Nigella was born into great wealth as her father Nigel Lawson was the former Chancellor of the Exchequer (Minister of Finance but comes with more power and prestige in Britain) and one of the most powerful men in the United Kingdom, her mother was Vanessa Salmon who hails from the multimillion dollar J. Lyons Company Empire.

Not being interested in her family’s immense power and wealth, Nigella decided to do it alone and stand on her own two feet and it has paid huge dividends for her.

In terms of success it doesn’t get any bigger than Nigella in the food industry. She is an accomplished food critic, food journalist, author and is one of the most popular television cooking personalities globally.

Nigella has sold over three million cook books and won “Best British Book of the Year”,  and “The Guild of Food Writers Award” to name a few of her accolades.

In addition to her media work she also has her own cookware range called “Living Kitchen” which nets her upwards of $50 million dollars.

Nigella was presented with an Order of the British Empire (O.B.E) from the Queen and in typical Nigella fashion declined to accept it, in fact she is entitled to be called “The Honourable Nigella Lawson” as she is the daughter of a Life Peer but once again refuses to use this title.

Her true grit and determination however is shown in her personal life.

When Nigella’s beloved mother died of liver cancer in London at the age of 48, to make matters worse her sister Thomasina died from breast cancer when she was only in her early 30s.

Even her husband John Diamond was diagnosed with throat cancer and after a long battle against this terrible illness he succumbed and died leaving behind Nigella and their two young children.

As you can imagine after firstly losing her mother then sister and finally husband so early to cancer Nigella has had to battle many demons but battle she did and now is a beacon of light for those who are going through a similar fate.

Today Lawson is a supporter of the Lavender Trust which gives support to young women with breast cancer.

Regardless of all the heart ache and loss she has had to bear, Nigella is a true inspiration to women that even after such tragedy you can harness your inner strength and overcome life’s obstacles

Next week I will introduce you to a compelling individual who is our second woman of inspiration.

Edited by Rusiate Mataika


The writer is a Fiji Sun columnist.


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