Fiji Sugar Corporation fights fraud, opens whistle blower line

This was done to reduce fraud within FSC and unethical behaviours from certain personnel   The Fiji Sugar Corporation will open a hotline for whistle blowers on fraud or unethical
16 Mar 2017 11:14
Fiji Sugar Corporation fights fraud, opens whistle blower line
At yesterday day’s press conference were (from left) Fiji Sugar Corporation accountant Deepak Raj, Sugar Cane Growers Council CEO Sundresh Chetty, Director Sugar Viliame Gucake, Registrar to the Sugar Industry Tribunal Timothy Brown, Fiji Sugar Corportaion CEO Graham Clark and Fiji Sugar Corporation COO Navin Chandra. Photo: CHARLES CHAMBERS

This was done to reduce fraud within FSC and unethical behaviours from certain personnel


The Fiji Sugar Corporation will open a hotline for whistle blowers on fraud or unethical issues within the organisation.

Fiji Sugar Corporation CEO Graham Clark made the announcement yesterday, saying all reports would be kept confidential.

The hotline would be open from April 1 in conjunction with the opening of a toll free hotline for cane farmers to lodge complaints and matters.

He said FSC was under scrutiny for unethical issues and there was a need to improve the organisation’s image.

“The system will ensure that any caller’s identity is kept confidential and the system will be made available in the relevant languages,” Mr Clark said.

“We feel detection and eradication of unethical behaviour within FSC is a key component.”

He said honesty should become the core value of FSC and wanted all stakeholders to make use of the hotline.

Mr Clark said there was a need to give FSC a modern structure and drive the organisation into the future.

“We are progressing with a structural review which will lead to changes in the way we manage the company, and we will look to our employees and their representatives for their support.”

Mr Clark added changes were inevitable but every employee would be treated with respect.

He said FSC needed to be re-established as a viable business entity.

He also made the following announcements:

 FSC was working with Government on an extension to the cane planting scheme which began three years ago. He said FSC was trying to recognise the needs of farmers to further boost this programme.

 FSC recognises the importance the rail system had in the delivery of cane here in Fiji.

The company accepted this is something that needed to be addressed very quickly, and an early review said the rail system was badly run down and in need of an upgrade.

FSC is actively working with its partners to address the rail facilities with a view to refurbishing and upgrading where necessary.

 There was a need to boost the number of locomotives the company already had and also an increase in the number of rail trucks.

He said FSC also wanted to introduce caged bins into the rail system and this would for the transporting of mechanically-harvested cane.

He said this would bring together Government’s assistance in acquiring new harvesters for growers.

 FSC has recognised the request from growers for more mechanised work to be done in the fields which was due to shortage of labour and increasing costs.

FSC was pursuing with Government to establish a mechanical support service to be offered to farmers and address mechanical needs on the farms, including planting techniques and crop maintenance.

Mr Clark said this would further reduce growers’ costs and increase cane supply.

 All mills were expected to be ready for the new crushing season by the beginning of June. Management has approved the carrying out of major maintenance or capital works which had been put on hold.

In previous seasons, issues in the mill yards ahead caused delays and aggravations to the whole supply chain.

Maintenance programmes were all on schedule and we are asking all farmers to be ready for the crush.

 Mr Clark said Penang Mill was a serious issue and would be discussed in detail at the FSC board meeting along with options at the end of this month, where the future of the mill would be announced after.

Mr Clark said Penang Mill was more than 130 years old and has suffered with efficiency.

 All cane from Rakiraki will be delivered to the Rarawai Mill for the 2017 crushing season. It was found that cane for last season that was harvested and dumped at Penang Mill and then transferred to Rarawai Mill resulted in a loss of 35 percent of that cane and impacted on growers and FSC.

 A new toll free hotline, to be used as a dedicated call centre for cane farmers would be opened up from the beginning of next month by FSC, where all their complaints could be made.

FSC will ensure growers receive responses in a reasonable time frame and complaints are logged and dealt with.

Information on the hotline would be advertised in the next two weeks and also informing farmers on how to lodge complaints. There will be no guarantee by FSC to complaints lodged outside this new system.

 Complaints have been received on some of FSC personnel’s ethical behaviour.


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