Let The ‘D A F F O D I L S’ Blossom Part Two

Let us explore the next petal which is the ‘O’ of the daffodil. The ‘O’ represents a positive attribute which is known as being Opportunistic. Most of us have extremely
18 Mar 2017 11:00
Let The ‘D A F F O D I L S’ Blossom Part Two

Let us explore the next petal which is the ‘O’ of the daffodil.

The ‘O’ represents a positive attribute which is known as being Opportunistic.

Most of us have extremely high and inspiring ambitions and hence it is all the more vital and necessary that we are alert to opportunities for our growth that are floating around us.

Sometimes these opportunities will softly knock on our doors and yet we are so caught up in our work as well as busy with our personal lives that we fail to open that door and recognize that opportunity which is keenly waiting to be grabbed.

I would like to highlight my point with a practical example.

The Sales Manager works extremely hard to achieve his goals and encourages his team to do the same and thereby helps them to achieve the team goals too.

But having said that the same sales manager must also be ‘positively opportunistic’ to be able to keep looking out for new markets to help and enable him and his team to extend the ‘reach’ of his organization’s products & services to newer markets and geographies.

However that won’t happen if he gets caught up in the day to day rigmaroles and challenges of his work. Also it may happen that when a manager achieves his ‘set goals and targets’ he begins to concentrate on maintaining as well as consolidating his success without looking out for new and potential markets that may be waiting to be explored.

All I believe is that good leaders focus diligently and assiduously on their existing work within certain boundaries but the great leaders are those who look out simultaneously for new opportunities and are willing to passionately break those boundaries and move further forward.

‘D’ of the Daffodil flower represents ‘D E P T H’.

This is a very different quality which a leader must develop for himself if he wants to progress further and that too at a fast steady pace.

What is the meaning of Depth and that too in the context of Self Excellence? I would say that Depth means ‘understanding and developing knowledge and know-how about your people, your products and even your customers not just at a superficial level but from a deeper perspective’.

Deep knowledge regarding the way your product is manufactured; going to the shops where your products are sold and interacting with some of the customers to get to know their feedback as well as getting to know your team members in terms of their attitudes, their strengths and weaknesses are great examples of Depth.

Remember that the moment we gain deeper understanding about the various things around us we will be in a far stronger position to deal with those situations in a more effective and positive manner.

However depth is also about gaining deep knowledge about subjects related to Leadership, Innovation, Managerial skills and to gain the depth in such subjects we must also begin to ‘READ BOOKS’.

Even the most amazing creatures of the ocean such as the octopus, giant squid, whale and sharks as well as some extremely rare sea-creatures are found in the deeper oceans and not in the shallows!

The ‘I’ of the daffodil is known as the attitude of ‘I n t e r a c t I o n’ which primarily means a situation or scenario where a team leader, manager, leader or an officer must not to be seated in his cabin or upon his desk and wait for his team mates, subordinates and other colleagues to come to him, but to the contrary it is he who must take the ‘inspired effort’ to walk up to them and interact with a ‘self-driven attitude’.

Those managers who do not interact and mingle with their teams proactively will end up losing connectivity and rapport with that team.

A leader through his proactive interaction begins to form a bond with is team and that too leads to better and more inspired productivity.

There are certain creative ways of generating this interactivity.

The leader or manager can have ‘Walk-arounds’.

This means that once in a day or thrice in a week at the least he could and should take a ‘Happy Walk’, saying hello to the people he sees and meets as well as having proactive and interesting conversations with them.

His walk towards ‘personally’ interacting his various team members as well as his other colleagues can result in the creation of a very positive and healthy atmosphere within the team.

The other way is to create what I have actually conceptualized for many of my clients is the ‘Tea-Storm’.

By this I mean that once every month, on a particular day, at a particular time and a particular venue such as a conference room all the team members will congregate or come together.

There will be snacks and tea and within a duration of an hour the entire team will be encouraged by the team leader or manager to engage in Innovative Storming of thoughts and ideas by each and every one present in that room. I would also like to call it an Innovation – Brainstorm session.

Such interactions have tremendous benefits as only do they strengthen the bond among the team members but they also encourage creative and innovative thinking from all the team members which I believe is also advantageous for the organization as a whole!

It seems we would have to explore the remaining petals of this lovey Daffodil next Saturday!

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