Outreach Programme In Nadogo

The tikina of Nadogo in Macuata will host the Fiji National Sports Commission’s first Outreach Programme for the year at Nubu Village, Macuata from tomorrow. The programme has attracted 90
19 Mar 2017 16:00
Outreach Programme In Nadogo
Youth clubs promote sport and participation in physical activities. Photos: Fiji National Sports Commission.

The tikina of Nadogo in Macuata will host the Fiji National Sports Commission’s first Outreach Programme for the year at Nubu Village, Macuata from tomorrow.

The programme has attracted 90 participants from 11 villages in the tikina. Programme Facilitator and Sports Development Officer, North said the the tikina is excited about the program coming to the district considering the remoteness of some of the villages attending the programme.

The furthest participating village, Nadogo is in fact part of Cakaudrove province and sits close to the boarder with Macuata. The village missed out the program that was held in Saqani in 2016 and made it their effort that they do not miss out on this one.

Two of the villages, Soqobiau and Kavewa are not accessible by road. Participants travel for over thirty minutes by boat before they board a vehicle to get to Nubu. It takes a good one hour ride by van to reach Nubu Village.

One can imagine the geographic spread of the villages in the district. Their determination to be at the program is testimony to the desires to learn new sports and develop them in their villages.

A total of seven sports will be part of the program. These include; rugby union, volleyball, netball, tennis, soccer and weightlifting. Weightlifting Fiji is excited about taking their sport to a remote part of Fiji.

Weightlifting Fiji’s Della Elder is excited about the prospects. She feels there is a great need to introduce basic lifting techniques to athletes and coaches who would not usually get the correct training in this technical area of the sport.

Weightlifting promotes correct lifting techniques that are beneficial to any sport considering the strength demands of different sports. “It is an opportunity to work with different sports and see how we can complement each other”, says Della.

President of Tennis Fiji Richard Breen welcomes the opportunity and would not want to miss it for anything. Tennis Fiji sending two officers on the program.AaaronBosse is a tennis volunteer from Australia who will guide his local counter-part Laisiasa Qio to deliver Hot Shots Tennis to participants.

Tennis Fiji is also donating tennis equipment to the people of Nadogo. This shows how much they value the importance of community participation to build their sport. Tennis is fast becoming a popular sport in  the villages around the country where grass tennis is now being played by people of all ages in the community.

The Fiji National Sports Commission is focusing on an delivering community programs using an integrated approach. The commission realises that it needs the support of government and non-government stakeholders if the sports programs they deliver are to make an impact in  the community.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Youth administrators and Youth Officers will be engaged in the weeklong programme as we join efforts in establishing effective club structures in the community.

With the completion of the Sports Outreach Program on Friday, officers return while three sports, volleyball, tennis and rugby stay on to conduct accreditation program to selected participants in the second week.

Accrediting people in the community gives our program a holistic look as it allows competition to happen in the community.

The programme will also include presentations and medical screenings by the Ministry of Health.

The first week’s program will be officially opened by TuiNubu and closed by Divisional Planning Officer, North,

AlipateBolalevu. Week Two programme will be officially opened by Provincial Administrator Macuata and closed on Friday by Commissioner Northern, JovesaVocea.

We look forward to bringing you more stories from the program in our next issue.

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