Let The ‘D A F F O D I L S’ Blossom Part Three

In this final part of the three – part series on the Blossoming Daffodils, I wish to introduce the final two and yet most fragrant as well as inspiring ‘petals’
25 Mar 2017 11:00
Let The ‘D A F F O D I L S’ Blossom Part Three

In this final part of the three – part series on the Blossoming Daffodils, I wish to introduce the final two and yet most fragrant as well as inspiring ‘petals’ of this beautiful flower. Let us explore the ‘L’ of the daffodil.

This particular petal represents the strong quality of leading with impact.

When an executive is promoted to the role of a Manager or team leader he has to understand his role as not just someone who administrates and ‘manages’ people but also as someone who is able to lead his team in situations of ‘challenges and formidable competition’.

Being crowned as a leader of a specific department or function like sales, marketing, quality control, production etc. by his superior in that organization is not enough. The crowning is only the first step.

Leading the team is all about beginning to understand the team members in relation to their respective strengths and weaknesses (better word for weaknesses would be Areas of Improvement or development).

By developing a sensible and deeper understanding about his team members the leader thereby is more confident in ways of delegating and empowering them with critical and non- critical roles and responsibilities.

However big the team is, the leader must make that sincere and concerted effort to observe, analyse and acquire knowledge about each and every member of his team.

Leading is also about mentoring and guiding the team.

Based upon the assessments made by the leader about his every team member he must slowly and steadily begin to work upon the weaknesses, gaps or what is better and more appropriately termed as the Improvement Areas of every subordinate of his.

By doing this he is also thereby strengthening his team and simultaneously strengthening himself too!

Leading with impact also incorporates another important facet of the leader which is the art and the action of ‘Mentoring’.

Mentoring is also understood as the quality of the leader to Nurture his team towards making it collectively focused, fearless and fervent in its attitude towards accomplishing the team as well as the individual goals and objectives.

In making a leader successful in ‘leading’ his team, the role of passion plays a vital and an inspiring role.

Passion is the deep and extremely strong desire or determination that the leader awakens and activates within himself to achieve something that is beneficial to the team, the department and even to the organization as whole albeit the various challenges and difficulties that he may come across.

It is this passion with which the leader is also able to extract the best output out of his team members.

I also believe that in addition to the various aspects mentioned about leading with impact what also in important is for the leader to acquire feedback from the team members about himself.

This is constructively critical because it helps him also to understand what the team thinks about his actions and decision and also the areas of improvements or weaknesses that they feel he needs to work upon. Such a kind of Feedback is also understood in the Human Resource circles as the ‘360 degree feedback process’ as it something that goes both ways!

The final petal that completes the daffodil flower is ‘Strength’.

This strength is understood as that which is required at a mental as well as physical level.

I have always believed that in the professional journey of any manager or leader there will arise those circumstances which will be tough and stressful and it is in such situations that mental as well as physical strength is most required.

As they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Failures are part and parcel of life and the way the leader handles these failures and crisis situations with the strength to face the failure with fearlessness and fortitude will reflect his true character.

There are quite a few different ways of developing mental strength and some of them are the exercise of SWOT Analysis,

Proactive Meditation and Analysing Autobiographies.

Apart from Mental strength leaders must never ignore the aspect of Physical strength. We all who are in pursuit of self – excellence must develop physical strength through Physical FITNESS and this can be done through daily physical exercises especially by play sports like badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis and other such sports.

However even a daily brisk-walk of thirty minutes early in the morning and/or in the afternoon after work can be a great physical exercise for the body and thereby have positive effects upon the mind.

Managing people, dealing with tough and difficult situations and developing the right attitude to not only overcome failures but even learn from them is not easy but definitely possible and it is possible in such situations only because of the element of mental and physical ‘Strength’ as it plays a very significant role in successfully enabling the leader or manager to lead his team to higher peaks of success.

I am sure that all my fellow readers and friends will surely absorb the inspiring fragrance of these unique DAFFODILS and accomplish their various objectives and goals in life!!!
Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:



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