Letters To The Editor, 25th March 2017

The X factor Joji O Toronibau, Labasa I was having a little laugh with a picture of Gareth Baber on my desk and watching Simon Cowell on television on Thursday
25 Mar 2017 09:19
Letters To The Editor, 25th March 2017
Fiji Airways Fijian 7s head coach Gareth Baber.

The X factor

Joji O Toronibau,


I was having a little laugh with a picture of Gareth Baber on my desk and watching Simon Cowell on television on Thursday night during ‘The X Factor’.

Compare and contrast the two learned gentlemen.

Similarities perhaps by their look, their facial features I guess, strong, handsome and cool when delivering.

While Mr Baber is Vodafone Fijian 7s coach, Mr Cowell is judge to TV series The X Factor.

So, if ‘karua’ Gareth may need an X-factor amongst his gladiators, just tune to the English gentleman, Simon Cowell for his judgment on the passion created by musical talents show.

No offense to the two gentlemen. Wishing you the very best in your endeavours.


Disability is a way to ability!

Herleen Emily Kumar,


This world is so fascinating that our society gets a chance to be inspired by ordinary men who were never given a chance to be acknowledged.

Everyday while departing home from bus stand, I usually see an old man who is not only ‘mute’, but also is a bus checker.

Despite his disabilities, he is a common figure in the bus stand and sets a great example for people who can speak.

He not only does his work with sincerity, but also helps the drivers park the bus at its proper place, trying to avoid major incidents in the bus stand.

However, what came to my notice was his generosity, requesting students to move back of the bus, to let others board and avoid incidents occurring.

When buses are full, he requests people to move back to avoid passengers standing on the steps.

He didn’t even mind that it was another company to which students were boarding on (not the company he works for).

Some started to laugh because of the way he was trying to convey his message.

At the same time it was so sad that people were not respecting the job his doing, but it is also an inspiring factor for many youths of our country who are too ‘lazy’ to find employment for themselves; without having any disabilities.

This is a lesson to us as Fijians to work hard regardless of the disabilities we have because life has to ‘move on’.

Hence, a message I wish to put forward to every individual is to love yourself because you’re the only person who will be with you all your life.

Being disabled cannot stop you from reaching your dreams. Like the old man, he works to survive while for others, they wish to lose their lives for some unreasonable issues.

Wake up Viti!


Pageant question

Floyd Robinson,


Once again we are entering the period where beauty pageant competitions will take place at local festivals.

Also the Miss Fiji title will be up for grabs. While there are many views, one wonders why only single ladies and those who haven’t had children should be considered.

Is such a criteria discriminating against married women and those with children?

All in all, let’s be fair to our ladies and not prejudge them.

Let’s give them an equal chance.


Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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