Letters To The Editor, 27th March 2017

Sugar mills Sukha Singh, Labasa Has any of the sugar mills in the country made any profits? The Government has been pumping so much money into the mills it would
27 Mar 2017 09:58
Letters To The Editor, 27th March 2017
Suva Bus Stand

Sugar mills

Sukha Singh,


Has any of the sugar mills in the country made any profits?

The Government has been pumping so much money into the mills it would be better if the mills were privatised.



PM hopefuls

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


Aspiring for PM status again is Sitiveni Rabuka; that’s if he can manage some votes to win, but does he command the respect of those at the SODELPA house? Maybe not.

During his leadership as former PM, he failed miserably to unite Fijians, he has been tested and the majority Fijian eligible voters will not be fooled again to waste their time in ticking someone who did not deliver in his term.

He has had his opportunity then.

Biman Prasad has never held any ministerial position nor a government role, no leadership experience and untested at national and international level.

The NFP leader has been unable to deliver any of their election promises from their party manifesto similar to the SODELPA Opposition members going into the 2018 election.

Voters will pick up these two political parties manifestos and ask them what have they achieved in the past four years going into the 2014 election.

I do hope they will not be telling lies because voters will never be fooled this time around.

The FijiFirst led Bainimarama government will go into our next election as top favourites aiming to win 50 seats outright.

His leadership is modern and tested according to what is dictated to by our 2013 Constitution in the inclusive service delivery of our government services both domestically, regionally and in the international arena.

He is in control of what is happening around our country and he cares for the long neglected welfare and status of every Fijian.

Both the NFP and SODELPA including the FLP are on record for rejecting everything good our government is inclusively doing for all Fijians including that of our 2013 Constitution.

My comments may not be fair to the two aspiring candidates but it is the general perception of the majority eligible voting Fijians on the ground here at home including those Fijians living offshore.

Leadership consistency with its physical evidence is the key.



Bus drivers

Tomasi Boginiso,


Surprisingly, some bus drivers I find are very rude and not professional in serving the public. The other day when I was travelling from Nasinu to Suva the bus the driver was on the phone and collecting fares at the same time as passengers boarded the bus.

When reaching Nasole an older couple got on but he sped off as the couple were still trying to find a seat, almost falling over but some men who were seated helped the couple.

The bus driver did not care.

Other passengers were picked up along the way and given the same treatment. The speed of these buses is also an issue.

There are buses speeding on our roads as if they own the roads, especially within the Suva-Nausori corridor.

Also noticed during the school athletics meet in Suva; there were flags flying from the busses and the relevant authorities have done nothing about it.

Another bus issue is that when you are travelling from or to the West the checkers check the tickets at different times.

I have been on trips where tickets were checked only once, but there were trips where the tickets were checked four or five times.

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