Letters To The Editor, 31st March 2017

Our Children, our trophies Wise Muavono, Lautoka Children are trophies for their parents and, like any trophy, must be kept in a safe place, preferably within the four walls of
31 Mar 2017 09:41
Letters To The Editor, 31st March 2017
Fiji Soccer

Our Children, our trophies

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Children are trophies for their parents and, like any trophy, must be kept in a safe place, preferably within the four walls of the house, where presumably they will always be safe. Indeed, the tendency to lock them inside to protect them from the dangers that lurk ‘out there’ is increasingly worrying considering the number of house fire deaths.


On Penang Mill 

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

So finally Penang Sugar Mill is no more. Many people from Rakiraki depend on the sugar mill for their livelihood. The sad truth has finally being revealed about the financial affairs of the sugar industry. It will be interesting to see what the sugar unions have to say!


Fiji One technical muck up

Raymond Naidu, Suva

Can Fiji TV Limited rectify the problem of their station?

The TV becomes blank for about 10 to 15 seconds and the audio sound goes off for at least 30 seconds. All this time I thought something was wrong with our TV or the antenna. After going around to certain areas I noticed that it was happening in many areas.

A couple of times I have called Fiji TV to rectify this but it seems it all falls on deaf ears.

It seems the executives are unaware of this or maybe they are too busy to look into such issues raised by public.

The technicians need to pull up their socks to stay in line and be more competitive. If not then Fiji TV should shut down and make way for other television stations who can provide better service to the public.

Come on Fiji TV this is a wake-up call from the viewers. Statistics reveal that 85 per cent of the viewers have switched to FBC TV.


Sangam leaders

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I refer to the letter Sangam Leaders and would also like to congratulate the past and present leaders on their achievements.

I would also like the Labasa Sikh Temple and Shiri Guru Nanak Khalsa schools to let me know through this paper why there is a ban on me, even though the defamation case against me was withdrawn by the trustee, manager, secretary of this organisation and the terms and conditions of the settlement were to remain confidential as per the wish of the plaintiff.

I also like to remind the committee and the Minister of Education, Heritage and Arts Mahendra Reddy that there is nothing in the new constitution about how or how much to I have to pay to become a financial member of this institution.

I was promised that a mediation between me and the school and other stakeholders will happen but nothing has eventuated.


Shameful game 

Keshwan Nadan, Nasinu

A sad day it was for Fijian football.c

We watched the first game at Churchill Park to see if Fiji could do something against the All Whites. But the biggest blunders were by the defender and the keeper.

The keeper was the star of the day because he thought he was the striker and lost the ball to the New Zealanders. So Fiji lost 2-0.

Watching the second game, it was worse. Fijian players had no control of the ball and when they got opportunities to score, they passed the ball to their own goalkeeper. The goalkeeper did not learn the lesson from the first game and he did that again and again, but luckily the ball did not go to the All Whites player. There was no urgency from our reps and how could Roy Krishna do this alone?

Believe me, our reps should train from kindy so that in their prime years we would be able to watch Fiji play like it used to play during  the 70s and 80s.

Who do we blame? The officials? The coach or the players? We all blame Fiji Football officials.

Our ranking with FIFA is already at its lowest. We ask the Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou to consider a review of the organisation.

God bless Fijian football.


Fijian soccer what?

Shareef Shah, Savusavu

The New Zealand 15s side is called the All Blacks. Quite the opposite its national soccer side known as the All Whites.

The Fijian 15s side is known the world over as Flying Fijians, but I am still trying to figure out what our national football team is known as.

Sukha (Singh), Simon (Hazelman), Wise (Muavono) or (Allen) Lockington – any idea?

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