Ways To Win An ‘Interview’

Often it has been seen that the process of an ‘interview’ becomes the final challenge towards getting a ‘candidate’ selected into an organiSation. I am quite sure that there is
01 Apr 2017 10:30
Ways To Win An ‘Interview’

Often it has been seen that the process of an ‘interview’ becomes the final challenge towards getting a ‘candidate’ selected into an organiSation.

I am quite sure that there is not a single organization in this world which does not use the tool of an ‘interview’ as a selection process.

In fact there are such organizations which not only have one but multiple interviews before they arrive at the decision about who would and could be the most ideal person to fit into that particular role or post.

I believe that the interview is surely a much needed tool for understanding and analysing the candidate in terms of the how he or she will be best suited towards bringing ‘VALUE’ to the organisation in terms of Productivity and Performance.

Keeping in mind the vital significance of the role of an Interview towards getting selected into an organisation I believe there are a few important and hopefully useful pointers and tips that I can intensely share with my readers and friends in helping them to become successful in their respective interviews in terms of being selected for the job!


Understand the Organisation

For any candidate who has been called or invited for an interview the first and logical step is always to understand the nature of the organization and I wish to be more specific about this.

You can begin the process of exploring about the organisation by visiting their website.

In the present times most of these organizations if not all have a corporate website where interesting and relevant information is provided such as their Corporate VALUES, their VISION and their various Services and Products.

However, you may even find information about their different offices and branches spread across different ‘demographics and geographies’.

Apart from such information there could other details related to their clients and customers too! You may wonder why one would have to take this effort to know about the organization in this deep detail. Well the answer is simple.

The more you get to understand the organisation that you wish to work for the more solid your confidence becomes.

At the time of the interview your grasp about the organization can provide you with not just self–confidence but a greater sense of ‘CONVICTION’ in your interaction with the people interviewing you.

Developing the understanding about the organization in such deep and relevant detail will always be an advantage for you when you are participating in that Interview process especially because it not only becomes ‘impressive but also IMPACTFUL’ as there surely is an awareness you create in the interviewer’s mind about the effort that you have taken to know more about the organization.



Knowing and acquiring information about the organisation regarding its various facets and features is an important first step.

What comes next is honestly far more important and this is about the efforts to anticipate what could be the possible questions that might be asked by the interviewer to you in the context of the specific post and position that you are applying for.

One of the most effective ways towards finding out the possible questions is by meeting and interacting with those people who have been working in the similar industry especially those who have acquired a good amount of experience in that particular field of work.

Their wisdom can be of great help to you as they would be able to provide you with information regarding the types of questions that might be politely or assertively presented to you.

This could happen the other way around too!

You may anticipate certain questions that could be asked to you at the interview and you could meet some of these experienced people from the same field of work and learn from them as to how to answer those possible questions!

Mind you my friends, this is not a sure shot thing as the questions could be different from what you have anticipated but I can surely assure you that it can never be completely different.

The advantage of anticipating questions is that this activity will boost your self-confidence and thereby help you in presenting yourself with much more strength and positivity.


Mock Interviews

Especially in situations where the interview is for a very critical or high position such as for the post of a Senior Manager, General Manager, Head of Sales or Marketing and similar positions like these it is always better to go through what is known as a Mock Interview.

This type of an interview is actually a mock or a ‘simulated’ interview.

You would have to first make a list of the anticipated questions that could be asked in that interview and then you would also require a friend or may be even your close relatives to pretend to act as the panel of interviewers and they would therefore post those questions to you.

Through mock interviews you will get the practise of answering tough and even challenging questions and that itself will not just enhance your self-confidence but also make you better in your overall Verbal as well as

Non-verbal communication.


Honesty; Attitude & Communication

The role of honesty and attitude is something that will be required at the time of the interview and I would always advise my readers to be completely honest in the answers that you would be providing to the interviewers.

If you do not know the answer it is best not to bluff your way out of that question as it is quite possible that your bluff may be called. Understand we must, that these people interviewing us are much more experienced than us and would be able to look through your bluff!

Hence what is most appropriate is to be polite in saying, “At this point in time I would not be able answer your question and yet  I believe this will be an opportunity for me to acquire that knowledge and learn something new” interviewers always appreciate the candidates who are genuine and honest about not knowing something.

Of course I am sure that with proper preparation you will not face a situation where you will not know the answers to most of their questions.

Apart from honesty what is also relevant is your attitude while being interviewed.

The interviewer is not just listening to your answers but also analysing your attitude with which you are answering them and hence what you must try and reflect or portray while you are answering them is your attitude of self- confidence in tackling tough questions and Conviction in your tonal voice.

However it is also nice if you were to improve your communication skills and communicate your answers with a pleasant yet assertive eye-contact, positive body language along with clear and well-modulated verbal speech!

Finally, I wish to say that we must all look at an Interview process as not some sort of a ‘final exam’ or a major test but an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and perspectives about what you can do for the organisation, how you intend to do bring more value to the goals and objectives of the organization and how you can in the passage of time become an important asset for them.

However also remember that even you happen to not get selected what is more important is to look at it as an opportunity to learn from it and become better and wiser for the next interview!

There could be more things that can help us win interviews but I felt that the ones I have shared could be most important to you when you prepare for an interview the next time. All the best and cheers!!!

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