Letters To The Editor, 02nd April 2017

Tribute to Bula Tora Taitusi Sokivetar, Phoenix, Arizona My condolences to one of Fiji’s greatest athletes, Iliesa Bula Tora. I remember him of when our mother had just passed away
02 Apr 2017 14:39
Letters To The Editor, 02nd April 2017
From left:Usaia Saututu,Samu Bulai,Bula Tora,Sakaraia Tuva during the 1975 Pacific Games in Guam.

Tribute to Bula Tora

Taitusi Sokivetar, Phoenix, Arizona

My condolences to one of Fiji’s greatest athletes, Iliesa Bula Tora. I remember him of when our mother had just passed away and we moved to the Nasova Barracks from Navua in 1961. My sister and I started attended Draiba Fijian School (now known as Draiba Primary School). We were very young at the time. My sister was 13 and I was 10. Bula Tora was a senior student in Draiba. When he found out we had lost our mother he got attached to me like a big brother figure.

In 1970 when I started working for Kiwi United South Pacific Limited, I met him in Suva after work. Always, he’d ask how my sister and I were doing. He was one of the nicest guys you could ever know. Always smiling and never showed his anger. He was always nice and gentle with all the younger students of Draiba.

I will always miss that smile and kindness of his. Fiji will miss you Bula Tora.


Climate change coalition

Christopher Mar, Nadi

I would like to thank the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, for your leadership to drum up support for a global coalition for climate change. As a leader for COP23, perhaps you should seek a coalition with the developers of new energy technology – Bright Light Power’s Sun Cell to have Fiji and the Pacific forum countries to be trial locations – what a great partnership it would be!

The technology is at its final trial stages expected to be ready by 2018.



Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Most people always underestimate the power of simplicity.


Promises and lies

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka stated that talks were underway to form a grand coalition with the National Federation Party (NFP) and the Fiji Labour Party.

Now NFP leader Biman Prasad is saying that they (NFP) will fight the elections alone.

Two contradicting statements from the two leaders of the main opposition parties seem to signify that some hidden agenda may be at play.

You do not have to be a genius to work out that these two political parties may have already mutually agreed to a grand coalition agenda but only after the election results are out. May be it was just not made clear to Rabuka that, that arrangement must never be revealed just yet, especially at NFP’s interest.

Biman knows very well that many Indo-Fijian voters will not vote for NFP once they know that they will form a coalition with SODELPA. He is hoping that SODELPA gets over 36 per cent of the seats in Parliament and they win at least 15 per cent on their own then they will form a post-election coalition with over 51 per cent to get the majority for a government.

The down side of this arrangement is that whatever pre-election promises that each party made to their voters via their manifestos and etc. may not be delivered because it has to be compromised with their other political party partners in the grand coalition after the election.

It will be like saying, “I give you this set of promises now, but after the election, I will delete this list and give you a new one. At the moment I have no idea what will be on the new list”.

For this fundamental reason, all parties in this grand coalition arrangement may now need to tell half-truths and even lie to their voters to survive.

Therefore what SODELPA Parliamentarian Niko Nawaikula stated in Parliament is accurately true. He stated that he can say anything he likes in Parliament even if it is not true.



Fulori Turaga, Suva

A lot has been said about the shortage of beds at the Lautoka Hospital. However, I am optimistic that the Ministry responsible will tackle this issue ‘head-on’.


Development support job boost

Pramesh Naidua, Nadi

As a concerned citizen of my country l would like to express my opinion on the increase in the development in the country.

The Government of the day has boosted job availability in the country by supporting projects such as the construction of airports, hospitals, schools, roads and many more.

The support towards projects not only adds on to the country’s infrastructure but creates job opportunities to the unemployed locals of the country.

All this developments have had challenges but the Government of the day through its high striving standards and regulatory measures have successfully done the job.

In addition, some jobs require specific skills and here also the Government stepped in to provide extra training for the locals in order to bring the local work force up to speed.

Nonetheless, at this time in the world, a job brings self respect, independence and choices.

It also brings family stability, empowerment especially to the vulnerable; the youths.

Developments in the country have played a key role in providing jobs for locals; and the Government of the day has lived up to it’s expectations.

We as a country can do much more if we all work hand in hand. We can do it Fiji.


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