Six Ways To Get A Promotion

Let us learn how to succeed in getting a ‘promotion’ from the story of Sanjesh… Sanjesh was a very hard working executive and was employed with the department of accounting
08 Apr 2017 11:30
Six Ways To Get A Promotion

Let us learn how to succeed in getting a ‘promotion’ from the story of Sanjesh…

Sanjesh was a very hard working executive and was employed with the department of accounting and finance of a well – known manufacturing organisation in Nadi.

He was qualified as a Chartered Accountant and also completed an advanced course in Computer Applications.

Through a rigorous process of interviews Sanjesh had finally come out successfully and got the job at the position of a senior finance executive.

Three years had passed and a week later was the performance evaluation as well as the appraisal process for all the executives, senior executives and managers too.

However when the results came out Sanjesh was left not only extremely disappointed and a bit angry too. Just like the previous year this time too he was not selected for promotion towards taking up the role of Assistant Manager.

He was completely dejected as he was sure of getting the promotion after all. Many of his colleagues also felt aggrieved by the decision made by their immediate boss as well as the Human Resource Manager.

However, they could not have done much about it. Unfortunately the fall out of this decision was that Sanjesh began to lose his Self-Motivation and started to work with an attitude of casualness.

He was seen losing his interest and also began making errors in his work. Sanjesh seemed to have somewhere taken the decision of his boss and the Human Resource Manager very personally. He did have a good reason to be extremely unhappy as he felt that injustice was being done to him and that his boss was unfair!

A few weeks passed by and then there came a time when he spread the word among his close colleagues that he was planning to leave his job and move on to another organisation.

Within a few days most of the people in the finance department were talking about it and the word got to Mr Navinesh, the Senior Vice President for Marketing in that organisation. Initially Navinesh was quite surprised but then after discussing with a few people in the finance department he came to understand the entire situation.

That’s when Navinesh decided to do something about it as was he was one of the people who was among those who had interviewed Sanjesh in the early rounds of the Interview process and had found him to be extremely sincere, dedicated and intelligent.

It was a Friday and during lunch time Navinesh noticed Sanjesh having lunch in the canteen along with some of his colleagues. Without wasting any time Navinesh walked intently towards the place where Sanjesh was seated.

“Hi dear Sanjesh, do you mind if I join you for lunch?” he asked politely. “Oh sure Sir” Sanjesh replied. As he sat there having lunch with all of them he asked how life was and discussed other general things about the organization.

Almost all of them had eaten but Navinesh seemed reluctant to get up from his seat. He sat there and looked at the others with a half-smile and a subtle innuendo. It was as though they had got the message and they pleasantly stood up and politely walked away while Sanjesh sat there. “I will meet you guys later” he told them anxiously.

He had some inkling about the fact that Navinesh had come to the table with an intention to talk to him specifically about something.

As soon as all his colleagues left Navinesh began sharing his thoughts with Sanjesh. “Hey Sanjesh, what is going on? I am told that you have been contemplating a change in job and that you have already started looking out?

I was a bit surprised and hence wanted to meet you to know what the issue is” Sanjesh was a bit taken aback as he did not expect Navinesh to suddenly broach this particular issue with him. “Yes Sir” he replied nervously and continued. “Dear Navinesh Sir, I have been working extremely hard for getting this promotion and was sure of it.

Last year too I felt I should have got the promotion but it did not happen but this time I was highly confident and had even planned a party to celebrate the development in my career but then this time too nothing happened and I was rejected for the promotion.

I am at a point in my career where I need to grow but if I don’t get my ‘growth opportunity’ here then I would rather join another organisation which may give me that higher position” Navinesh heard everything and responded. “Sanjesh, I have listened to every word you have said to me and have also understood what you may be going through.

However, I have also done some of my own homework before coming here to talk to you. I want to share a few things with you and then after you listen, understand and analyse all that I have explained only then I would request you to make your final decision to either stay or leave this organization”.

Sanjesh listened intently as Navinesh continued. “Dear Sanjesh, I have always understood you as a very sincere and hardworking boy. Someone who will not get distracted from the objectives set for him.

Having said this I have also seen that in your team there are three other colleagues who are as sincere and hardworking as you and display the same attitude that you do in your work and they too have not got the promotion.

Please understand Sanjesh, in today’s competitive corporate world there are six important parameters other than just the attitude of sincerity and hard-work that will help you to get the ‘promotions’ and thereby help you rise in your career. Let me explain each one in detail.



developing innovative-creative thinking.

One of the most vital qualities that you must possess apart from your sincerity and dedication towards work is the attitude of thinking differently and the capability of ‘IDEA GENERATION’. In the present world, doing the same thing in the same way is not enough. The question you have to ask yourself is that from the time you have been in this organization what new and innovative as well as creative ideas have you developed in your mind and have thereby suggested to your seniors to make the finance department more productive.

Out of box thinking is today’s need my friend! Become more creative about your work and explore new and productive IDEAS and this could give you a great opportunity for a promotion.

Dear Sanjesh, please understand that being sincere and dedicated is extremely important but not the only parameters based upon which you will be looked at for promotion in this or any organization! Take the INITIATIVE-From what I have understood about you it seems that you are not the person who takes his own initiative and waits for others to instruct you.

Being in this organization for three years had I been your boss I would myself have expected you to take some decisions on your own and take initiatives that could have been positive for the organization. The thought of “what if I fail if and when I take the initiative” has made you reluctant and nervous.

However two of your own colleagues have displayed this attitude of fearlessness towards being bold enough to take initiatives. These two colleagues were seen to have made well calculated decision and even acted upon them. Remember you must dear Sanjesh, do not always ‘Let things happen; many a times you must ‘Make things happen’ by taking INITIATIVE!

Competition is very strong everywhere and in your department too there are some who have shown more aspects of their professional personality related to innovative thinking as well as the attitude of Taking Initiative wherever required. Let me now explain the third quality that can make you get that promotion!


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