Letters To The Editor, 14th January, 2017

Human rights vs responsibility Sachida Nath, Nadi Someone asked, why human rights are such a big issue; how about human responsibilities? Generally, people find it uncomfortable to discuss matters of
14 Apr 2017 11:50
Letters To The Editor, 14th January, 2017
From left: Resolution Technologies owner Kaushik Kumar and his father Atish Kumar infront of the solar panels and inverter which powers the irrigation system at their farm in Buabua, Lautoka. Photo: Shreya Kumar.

Human rights vs responsibility

Sachida Nath, Nadi

Someone asked, why human rights are such a big issue; how about human responsibilities?

Generally, people find it uncomfortable to discuss matters of personal responsibility.

Here is my take on the of matter ‘responsibility’ by way of an example.

Let us consider the institution of marriage, for instance, and see if responsibility factor can somehow be ordered.

A person with liberal values will see the needs of an individual more important than family and society. He/she will see marriage as something he/she will enter and if he/she finds it unfulfilling he/she will get out of it.

Imagine, I reason and argue with this liberal type that; the purpose of marriage is to create a safe, secure place to nurture children for the extended family and society as a whole. That divorce is an anathema to traditional family values.

The same will turn around and say ‘you have heated the empty air around your head needlessly by your bigoted and intolerant comments’.

Generally, people are gravitating towards freedom from various responsibilities in life including marital ones.

That is why one social analyst called this trend a ‘free people’s suicide’.



Incidents in high schools

Kirti Patel,  Lautoka

There has been a lot of incidents regarding the high school discipline latel.

Every now and then we get to read on such incidents such as the recent brawls during zone time, the bullying incidents and the students found allegedly using drugs.

Just first term of the school year and all these drama has began. Just not that, some students behave in ways as if they have no respect for their teachers. They shout and yell on top of their voices right in front of teachers regardless of being in the school environment or outside.

How many times should the teachers remind the students simple things? With the omission of the corporal punishments in schools, some students have problems even when their teachers talk to them. Well, I have never been in the favour of the corporal punishments however have very closely observed how some students listen when you shout at them but not otherwise. Some students are such that you even feel like shaking them up and saying “are you even listening to what has been said.”

One just have to see the number of students-chewing gum during their class time and can’t say much as ‘lo and behold’ we see some teachers doing the same right in front of them.

With the ministry’s new policy such as hindering students to be sent home is something that can create a sense of fear in students. This is some positive step towards the hindering of studies for those who-have their interest in education and find it very disturbing being surrounded by some batch that come to school to pass time only. The teachers try their best and at times go out of their ways yet the students only need spoon feeding, thus they don’t even let other students do what they-cannot.

A school is a school not a bollywood place. Certain rules are for certain important reasons let’s focus on it.



Maintenance costs

Sukha Singh, Labasa

The Fiji Electricity Authority chief executive officer said the weekend maintenance costs to replace an inlet valve would cost about $3million. I would be very grateful if he can give a detailed breakdown of this $3m.

Does this cost also include the tunnel inspection plus the insurance cover of the employees entering the tunnel? As for the inlet valve that is being replaced what is going to happen to it?

To me the $50 million is needed for the Rakiraki sugar mill maintenance.

Looks like peanuts to this $3million four days job. Hope none of the top executives are at Wailoa for the weekend only.



Justice system

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Our remand facility is full of people who are awaiting trial.

Lately when the judges were having the conference, I was told a lot of suspects were just sent to the remand centre awaiting the judges for the next court date. I remember once we were told that it cost about $50 a day to look after an accused person. We already have so many expatriate judges in our court rooms, so I don’t believe that we don’t have enough judges.


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