Six Ways To Get A ‘PROMOTION’

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email: As Sanjesh listened intently Navinesh continued to explain… “Dear Sanjesh, before I proceed
15 Apr 2017 11:00
Six Ways To Get A ‘PROMOTION’

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:

As Sanjesh listened intently Navinesh continued to explain…

“Dear Sanjesh, before I proceed to explain the rest of the important parameters or qualities to help you successfully get your promotion can I know from you if you have understood the earlier two qualities namely “Innovative Thinking and Taking Initiative?” Sanjesh replied with a very confident “YES”.

“Great! Let me therefore continue with the rest of the qualities” Navinesh smilingly responded.


TEAM- Member & Team Bonding-

As a senior executive in the finance department you are part of a moderately large team of fifteen members and other colleagues among whom there are some senior and some junior executives.  Is that right?” Navinesh asked. Sanjesh replied “Yes Sir that is the exact number.  We have fifteen people in our finance team with a mix of senior and junior members in it”.

Navinesh continued. “With 15 members in your team and you being part of that team what all have you done to strengthen the bond and enhance the team spirit of your colleagues and some of your juniors who report to you?

Have you suggested activities related to Team bonding and Team building to your seniors or to your Human Resource colleagues?

From what I have found out you are someone who prefers to be alone and does not mix with the others as much as is required.

You are excellent at your work but what have you done to develop the same effectiveness in your juniors some of whom have been below par in their assessments.

With four members in your team how many times have you effectively ‘Delegated and Empowered responsibilities to them? You have a team of four juniors but you not displayed any positive aspects of a team leader”. Hearing this, Sanjesh got a bit disappointed but accepted everything that Navinesh was telling him.

“Navinesh Sir, you are actually correct. I have not really been a good leader to my team. I have been mostly focusing upon only my own performance and while doing that I have not focused upon the development of my team and have also ignored the aspect of team bonding.

“Honestly I never realised that it was important to be a team player and do things for the team”.

“Dear Sanjesh, if you are to be looked at for a promotion then the development and execution of various team building and team bonding attributes and qualities are extremely important especially since your role as an Assistant Manager will require you to manage a much larger team”.


Managing Stress & Anger

Navinesh continued, “Dear Sanjesh, tell me honestly, is it true that you have become disinterested in your work and have been making errors too?” “That’s true Sir” Sanjesh replied.

“Well then, what it shows is that you are unable to deal with being rejections as well as with failures and this itself is one of the reasons for you to not get the promotion.

From what I have seen, you get stressed and also angry.

Before coming here to talk to you I did have a word with some of the people from the organisation and I am told that you have this habit of scolding your juniors in front of the others as well as getting extremely upset and angry for things that can be done in a more calm and inspired manner!

Well if this is true about you then please bring a change in your attitude and learn to control your anger especially when in public.

Your stress can affect the morale of your team members and also can create an atmosphere of discontent and negativity as well as fear.

These are not the right attributes for you to get looked at for a promotion. If you yearn for the promotion then learn to handle the toughest and the most challenging situations with calmness and control and along with it begin to deal with poor performance not with anger but with proactive and positive outlook.

Try to improve those who are not performing rather than just getting irritated with them and then scolding them in public.

I know my words may be hurting you but I am just being very open with you and I truly believe that you have a great future in this organisation.

I just want you to make certain positive changes in yourself”. Hearing this Sanjesh immediately reacted.

“Dear Navinesh Sir, I really am thankful to you and the feedback you are giving me is most amazing to my future.

I really needed these inputs from someone and you have been the special one for me Sir. In fact I want to learn more”.  “That’s the right attitude Sanjesh” exclaimed Navinesh. Let me share with you the next quality…




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