MP Surprised His Name Not On Poll Applicant List

SODELPA MP Mikaele Leawere says he is surprised and upset that his name was not on the list of applicants for election tickets published by the Fiji Sun yesterday. He
16 Apr 2017 11:00
MP Surprised His Name  Not On Poll Applicant List
From left:SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka., Semesa Karavaki. , Mikaele Leawere.

SODELPA MP Mikaele Leawere says he is surprised and upset that his name was not on the list of applicants for election tickets published by the Fiji Sun yesterday.

He and MP Semesa Karavaki were missing from the list.

They confirmed that they had submitted their applications.

Mr  Leawere said he accompanied another MP Aseri Radrodro to give their applications. Mr Radrodro is on the list. Mr Lewawere said he spoke to Adi Litia Qionibaravi, the general secretary to express his disappointment. Adi Litia said the list in question was unofficial but said a statement would be issued later.


SODELPA statement

In the statement, SODELPA leader Sitiveni  Rabuka,  expressed disappointment with the Fiji Sun for publishing “a list of names of people including civil servants it alleges have applied for a SODELPA ticket for the 2018 general elections.”

Mr Rabuka said: “Nemani Delaibatiki should cease the practice of being the vindictive hatchet man for FijiFirst, and focus on the national good and stories of national interest,” the statement said.

Mr Rabuka said all human beings have political rights including the right to a political opinion, the right to vote to choose a government to govern their nation and the right to stand for elections. These rights are universally recognised in international law, in human rights treaties and in our own Constitution.

Mr Rabuka said rather than demonising and publishing a list in order to intimidate people into fearful silence, Fiji Sun should be promoting democratic discourse, and the peaceful exercise of political rights.

Mr Delaibatiki said: “I note that Mr Rabuka has not denied the existence of a list. He is entitled to his opinions. But I refute his claims against me. As a journalist I am doing my job.”

The SODELPA statement added: “All human beings have the right to change their government at elections by secret ballot. This right is universally recognised and enshrined in international law, including in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR). This right is part of the bundle of political rights recognised and guaranteed in our 1970, 1990, 1997 Constitutions as well as the 2013 Constitution.

“This right to change the government and to exercise our political rights, including the freedom of opinion and thought, are important. We each have a right to hold political opinions about how our nation is run and managed and this freedom of thought is fundamental to the human condition, the right to consider ideas and ideologies.

“These rights are critical to the development of our democracy.

“SODELPA like other registered political parties, is preparing for the 2018 general election and part of that process includes inviting applications from those interested in contesting a seat. “The right to stand in elections is an important component of the bundle of political rights.”

The list has got party members talking privately and on social media because they had been waiting for one. It has also sparked a witchhunt to find out who leaked it.

It is alleged that tension has been building over the perceived domination of the Cakaudrove, Bua, Macuata (CBM) bloc in the party’s decision-making process. It is also alleged that this had prompted the leaking of the list by a party member from Viti Levu.


Sainiana Radrodro, wife of MP Aseri Radrodro, adds her comments to the list:

“By the way Fiji Sun for your information, whatever you say, SODELPA has quite an impressive list of applicants, apart from our own executives and MPs on the list.”

It also carried people like:

“1. Dr Antonio Lalabalavu

  1. Rosie Lagi, USP lecturer
  2. Kitione Vuataki, prominent Lautoka lawyer
  3. Ratu Etueni Caucau, former army legal manager
  4. Isiromi Bayameyame, former CEO Yasana Holdings
  5. Alipate Tuidraki, former meteorology head
  6. Jone Navakamocea, former assistant minister and UN staff
  7. Mosese Kama, former GM TLTB
  8. Ro Filipe Tuisawau, former CEO AFL
  9. Lai Corerega Jnr, former CEO TELTS
  10. Tanya Waqanika, prominent lawyer and former executive manager Fiji TV
  11. Lynda Tabuya, prominent lawyer
  12. Joape Kuinikoro, former CEO of Post Fiji and current CEO in an NGO
  13. Vuetasau Buatoka, former CEO Ministry of Works
  14. Sowane Puamau, Deputy Secretary for Works
  15. Alipate Qetaki, former GM TLTB
  16. Ratu Peni Volavola, former Lord Mayor Suva
  17. Filimoni Delasau, former rugby star and national hero
  18. Viliame Satala, former rugby star and national hero
  19. Ian Simpson, executive and hotelier

This is just the tip of the cream. I love it.”


Edited by Naisa Koroi



Those of you wanting to know who is on the Sodelpa interested candidates list, I am asking  that we not get too ahead of ourselves. It looks like an impressive list yes. But I’m hoping they really applied and it’s not just a wish list

Sounds I’m hearing it’s a plant. For certain that many are now making enquiries on its substance!! Sobo lei the yavato’s!!!! Don’t bite the bait. Yep it worked!!.

Sodelpa whose stupid enough to put out the list of elections applicants in today’s papers?  Jeepers!!!

Hope people don’t lose their jobs over this! Very very disappointing!

The leaks are bad. This one is exceptionally disgusting because it looks to me like someone wants some of those on the list to either lose their jobs or to run away again from Sodelpa because they will feel betrayed that their otherwise requested cover for now has been blown prematurely. Now who may be envious of these applicants I wonder?? Because my intuition is that the person is out to have some of these good guys crucified before they have a chance to get in!!!!

Big time or some very manipulative individuals with sick hearts and envious personalities. Kinda like an attempt to eliminate competitors.

We know who it is. We are getting the Police onto him now.

Elections soon!! Hot off the press!! Elections Office is almost ready. September perhaps? Or April latest?

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