Six Ways To Get A ‘Promotion’

Dear Sanjesh, I know you have to get back to work and hence let me quickly share the remaining two qualities that will help you grow to newer and higher
22 Apr 2017 11:00
Six Ways To Get A ‘Promotion’
Mayur Kalbag

Dear Sanjesh, I know you have to get back to work and hence let me quickly share the remaining two qualities that will help you grow to newer and higher levels in this organisation.

The fourth parameter or quality upon which will help you to positively influence your superiors for selecting you for a higher promotion ‘ABILITY TO PRESENT’


Importance of this skill

Before I begin to explain the importance of this particular skill of ‘Presenting’ let me ask you a question.

On a score of ‘Ten’ how many marks would you give yourself as a ‘Presenter’ especially while making presentations to your seniors and even to your team members?”

After thinking for a while Sanjesh confidently replied with a mark of ‘Eight’.

Upon hearing this Navinesh responded with a slight display of surprise.

“Hey Sanjesh, I think you have been a bit too kind to yourself by giving yourself ‘Eight’ marks out of “Ten’ and let me explain why I say that.

From the interactions with some of your team members and even your superiors one serious and honest feedback that I received about you as a presenter is that you present with too many slides and you do not even explain any of them with ‘impactful detail’.

Most of the time you are just reading what is displayed on the slide. Yes, some of the team members did tell me that you make excellent slides but the way you present them in terms of your verbal communication and your body language is extremely casual and passive.

This means that although you have the slides to show to your listeners, the way you communicate and present to them is extremely non-effective which makes the listeners lose their interest and leaves them bored.

As someone who will become a Manager you must understand that Presentation and Communication especially while you give or deliver content to your team and seniors must be extremely ‘Impactful and Inspiring’ so that each and every listener gets more involved and takes some learning from your presentation.

You have probably marked yourself ‘Eight’ for the wonderful Power-Point Slides that you make but that is only a part of the entire process of presentation.

What is more important is how you are able to explain those slides in a very ‘Motivated’ manner.

I would therefore insist that you immediately look out for a good Interactive –Training Course on Developing Presentation Skills and attend it so that you will get to learn and even practise these skills of Presentation.

Remember my dear Sanjesh, in the present times ‘WHAT YOU SPEAK IS IMPORTANT BUT HOW YOU SPEAK IS MORE IMPORTANT’.

If you want to be perceived and evaluated as a ‘Future MANAGER’ then your ability to present excellently and to be able to create the desired positive impact upon your team members as well as your superiors is extremely vital.”

The final quality or parameter and something that sort of becomes the strong foundation for future growth for not just you but for all those professionals who have intense ‘Ambitions’ is the foundation of ‘KNOWLEDGE’.

There are many youngsters who get a good job in an organization but for years on end they do the same work without really trying to enhance and develop their knowledge related to the work that they are doing.

Remember my friend, it is extremely significant for especially the young and aspiring professionals to constantly increase their knowledge about their work in terms of new learning, new technologies, new theories and new ways /methods of executing their respective and specific functions and hence they end of becoming ‘stagnant’.


Some progresive aspects

Dear Sanjesh, please can you share with me what have been the new, relevant and progressive as well as useful aspects or things that you have learnt related to your function of Accounting and Finance in the last six months?” Sanjesh replied.

“No sir, I have been so busy with my work that I have not found the time to read or learn anything new”! Navinesh was a bit taken aback by Sanjesh’s response to his question and with a slightly intense facial expression he continued to communicate with Sanjesh.

“Well! once you go home is it not possible for you find an hour to read something about your subject of Finance and Accounting?

I am not even saying that you must read and learn all the time.

Can you not spare one hour for reading and learning at least twice in a week? I am sure that those employees who want to really progress in their career and want higher promotions always keep upgrading their knowledge especially knowledge which would be related to their ‘Work or a specific Function’.


Develop your own knowledge

Dear Sanjesh, the reason that you have just shared with me about not getting the required time to upgrade your knowledge is frankly an ‘EXCUSE’.

It is really time that you change your attitude and begin to develop your own knowledge not just about your core subject but also try and enhance your knowledge about the industry that you are a part of.

The first thing you must do is after you complete your today’s working day is over, on your way back home go to a book store and buy a couple of books and start by reading at least the first two chapters.

Remember you must, the more you gain knowledge the more you grow in your maturity and self-confidence. I have shared these relevant and hopefully useful inputs with you only because I know you are someone who is extremely ambitious for career growth.

I do not want you to leave our organisation because I firmly believe that you have tremendous potential to grow here itself.

We all want you to stay with us and grow within this organisation as there are good opportunities waiting for you my dear friend!” Sanjesh was extremely touched by the efforts which Navinesh had taken to share all these important points with him.

As they both were about to get up from their respective chairs and return to their places of work Sanjesh made his response to Navinesh. “Dear Navinesh Sir, I sincerely want to thank you for literally opening my eyes about how I can really develop myself and thereby reach a level where the promotion will walk towards me rather than I desperately running for it.



I had truly not thought about my own Self- Enhancement especially on the points and parameters that you have shared with me.

I am going to really work hard and smart on all of the ‘SIX’ parameters and I am extremely confident that when the next opportunity arises for a promotion I will surely get it” Saying this they both of them stood up shook hands affectionately and walked to their respective departments!

Dear readers, all I hope is that those of us who truly want to enhance our professional careers and in the process seek or attain higher levels of promotions in our respective organizations must work upon these six parameters.

I am sure that we will confidently begin the process of developing these Six Parameters for enhancing the chances of acquiring higher promotions from right NOW!!!

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