Letters To The Editor, 23rd April 2017

Charges  Dorsami Naidu, Nadi I would like to raise concerns on internet data plans and prepay mobile cost.Would it be possible for the Fiji Commerce Commission to investigate the modus
23 Apr 2017 15:56
Letters To The Editor, 23rd April 2017


Dorsami Naidu, Nadi

I would like to raise concerns on internet data plans and prepay mobile cost.Would it be possible for the Fiji Commerce Commission to investigate the modus operandi of the two mobile companies in relation to internet data plans and prepay mobile services.

Apart from the instruments and the towers what’s the real cost to the service providers. One operator charges under the prepay pretext for just dialing out even before it goes to divert and has different rates for calling onto another operators mobile or to landline and charges based on 30 second unit regardless of whether one speaks for one second or 30 second.

The second operator appears more generous in that it charges for every second actually used and its charges for calling its rival or landline is much cheaper though we maybe charged for messages it sends.

In regards to the data plans, no wonder students stay up all night as you have a data plan say for 75GB for use from 7am to midnight and  if you  prepay  your bill by a certain date then you are given use of a similar amount of data from midnight to 7am at the same cost . Am I missing something here?

There are so many other smart methods used to get the user’s 99cents and the radio stations actively promote this. No need for casinos in this country the way things are being promoted.

To make everyone happy they overvisualise their charitable donations.

There are numerous other examples and the consumer would indeed be fortunate if the Fiji Commerce Commission could carry out necessary investigations as it does in other areas without the need for complainants.


Pirate Taxis

Edwin R F Sandys, Tamavua

The gas and oil prices have risen considerably lately, and it is having a drastic effect on us the taxi drivers and owners. An agreement was reached between the Government and the taxi union that there will not be any demand for an increase in taxi fares.

Recent happenings have really strained our income and complaints lodged with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) have fallen on deaf ears.

There was an effort made with the LTA on eradicating these pirate taxis in the west, but never in Suva. There have been all excuses raised by LTA, Police and Fiji Taxi Union, but no one has placed emphasis on the following point I will raise.

We are required by law to get a Police clearance in applying for our permits.

The question I am asking the public is how safe are they when riding a pirate taxi? You could have a rapist or child molester driving you around. How safe is the vehicle? And is it currently registered and not expired?

In the event of an accident, are they covered under the third party liability? Third party for taxis are far more expensive then pirate taxis and this covers passengers in a taxi.

The drivers of pirate taxis in Suva are very daring and even park in taxi areas.

They are not afraid and have become bolder by asking passengers if they needed a taxi.

This is despite taxis parking there. There are private cars being used at taxi bases as taxis and the matter has been reported, but nothing done. This is why they continue to break the law?

There are rumours that some of the drivers are members of the forces who are off duty and looking for extra dollars. Is this allowed? If not can we be advised what action can be taken to check on the background of these drivers?

Likewise our fitness stickers are on the front window to check the fitness on vehicles.

The way it is going and if the authorities does nothing about these pirate taxis, then we may need to look at renegotiating with the Government on a taxi price increase.

Please can something be done or I will push the taxi union to instigate negotiations for a taxi fare incease.


Our culture

Ashneel J Prasad, Auckland, NZ

I sometimes find my own culture very regressive and unabashedly sexist. If someone dies, why is it that, only a male can do his/her final rites?

If they have daughters, who has taken care of them, their whole lives – why are they subjected to mere spectators and sob fest in a funeral?

I feel, the person who had been with them through good times or bad, be it male or female – they should be given the right to do a person’s last rites, not just because our forefathers gave male more privileges than females.

Some things, seriously need to be changed. This is not a question of religion, it’s a cry to morality and sensibility.


The essence of forgiveness

Sachida Nath,  Nadi

Forgiveness is always tough to give and receive. I am alluding here to Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho’s Easter message (Fiji Sun 14/04).

He reportedly talked about forgiveness in positive terms and its relevance in life to police officers. This subject falls in the moral and transcendent category.

I wish to add few thoughts on the topic, again, from a Christian perspective.

Forgiveness does not mean we make light of evil. The Bible speaks of our depraved human condition (Matthew 15:19) synonymous with evil. This is largely manifested   in the form of seeking our own way at the expense of others.

Forgiveness was possible when Christ took on himself voluntarily to pay our price for all our inequities because we could not pay for them, ourselves.

Forgiveness cannot be earned, but we receive it because of His graciousness.

At any point in time when we receive the favour of forgiveness, it will change who we are for good.

In case we seek forgiveness from someone and it is not given to us, we can still have the peace of mind that the one who made that person has forgiven us.

We need to give and receive forgiveness realising that we all are imperfect.


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