Time To Start Thinking About The Right Choice

EDITORIAL: It’s a time to look at people, people. And to start thinking about whether they are the type of people you want to represent you in Parliament. Recently, for
23 Apr 2017 11:54
Time To Start Thinking About The Right Choice
Pio Tikoduadua

EDITORIAL: It’s a time to look at people, people. And to start thinking about whether they are the type of people you want to represent you in Parliament.

Recently, for instance, a former FijiFirst government minister, Pio Tikoduadua, officially announced that he is joining the National Federation Party (NFP) to contest next year’s general elections.

There’s nothing wrong with Mr Tikoduadua’s move.

Like any other individual he has the freedom to choose whatever political party he wants to be part of.

This also goes to the former high profile civil servants and diplomats who Adi Sivia Qoro has indicated are going to be part of her proposed movement. As well as those individuals whose names are on the SODELPA list of applicants and possibilities?

No one denies that many of these individuals are highly qualified, have experience in Government and aspire to lead the country the way they think best.

From the outset, we can gauge that Opposition parties are likely to be packed with candidates who at one time or another were termed as the ‘elites ‘of our society.

These were people who walked the corridor of power and they were literally termed as ‘untouchables’ and were part of the ‘Big Boys Club.’

Yes, these former “elites” are now beginning to emerge from the shadows in an attempt to get back all the glamour and the perks they enjoyed in the past.

With this happening, we the people should realise the important role we play in choosing the kind of leaders we want.

Getting the right people in to lead our beloved nation means a brighter future for all of us and our future generations. But if we fail to do that then we are going to carry the guilt of making such wrong choices.

It’s important that we as individuals should start analysing the kind of people that we want to lead us and move our nation forward.

For sure, there are going to be big promises made, accusations hurled at other political parties or individuals.

There are the desperate who will try to take us back to the past, to bring about racial tension, create fear among the iTaukei community that they are somehow going to lose control of their lands and resources. The list of likely mischief making goes on and on.

But as individuals we should understand that we’ve every right to vote for the government that we want. As of now we should not leave it to the last minute because a lot will be at stake if we make a wrong choice.

We should always bear in mind to go for:

Leaders who have the heart to serve the people by reaching out to them regardless of their status in society.

Leaders that ensure that all Government services are accessible to all people regardless of where they live.

Leaders that unite all races and condemn any form of racial discrimination

Leaders who always stand for what is right and despise illegal activities and corruption.

These are points that could help us when it comes to casting our vote in the next elections. By voting the right leader into power is the best way to make our vote count.

The election gloves are coming off. Former “elites” are back seeking a place back in power. It’s time to start thinking, people. The right people.



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