Letters to the Editor, April 25th, 2017

Reply to My Say column Jone Dakuvula, Suva I refer to Nemani Delaibatiki’s column My Say (24/04/2017) which is an edited version of his My Say on FBC.  He refers
25 Apr 2017 11:00
Letters to the Editor, April 25th, 2017
Jone Dakuvula

Reply to My Say column

Jone Dakuvula, Suva

I refer to Nemani Delaibatiki’s column My Say (24/04/2017) which is an edited version of his My Say on FBC.  He refers to the leaked list of alleged candidates of SODELPA which revealed some senior civil servants’ names and then Delaibatiki goes on to sermonise about the rules of the civil service and the need for professional loyalty, etc.

He justifies what he had done in exposing them without any ethical or professional justification (as a journalist) for possibly jeopardising the jobs of these civil servants.

Apologising to these people who are not in positions to publicly defend themselves has not even occurred to Delaibatiki.

He goes so far to allege leaking of information from the public service as possibly made by these people.  From reading the Fiji Sun over the last seven years, I have never read any report that is based on information leaked from a Government source.

I am sorry that my friend Nemani, one of Fiji’s most experienced journalists, has really gone low in standards.

He writes as if it is a crime for a person to have his or her own political belief and to apply confidentiality to a political party for a possible career in politics when he retires, or when his contract is not renewed.

Would he release for public knowledge people who apply for vacant positions at Fiji Sun before their application is considered?

What Delaibatiki is doing with his slashing columns is to accuse the civil servants concerned of disloyalty to the Government of the day for doing something about their future and that of their dependents that is not illegal.

Do these people who have done nothing wrong to him or the Fiji Sun deserve this wrath from him?

In the United States, in the 1950 there was an infamous man call Senator Joseph McCarthy who drew up a list of thousands of innocent people in prominent positions in the US Civil Service and other places of employment who he accused of being secret communist and destroyed a lot of their careers.

What Delaibaitiki has done is similar to “McCarthyism”.

Editor’s Note: Mr Dakuvula is entitled to his opinion. He has had many in a varied and various background. This includes serving as chief assistant secretary and press secretary in the post-coup Sitiveni Rabuka-led SVT government from 1992-95.

Mr Dakuvula has read more into the My Say column than was actually said and embarked on an emotional response.

In the process, he distorted the substance of the article.

For the record: The Fiji Sun is independently owned and operated. It cannot be compared with a political party such as SODELPA which seeks to govern the country.

Defining moment

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Are there moments that define history in the Coca-Cola Games? Are there moments which will live well beyond 2017?

Well, without a doubt, the senior boys 4×400 metres relay event on Saturday had almost every spectator at Laucala Bay on their feet.

Just when Ratu Kadavulevu School (RKS) extended a handsome lead, appearing to claim gold and the overall boys title, the Natabua High School produced a breath-taking performance that had their fans cheering and screaming out aloud.

Despite being left behind, Shane Tuvusa put on the accelerator from the halfway mark.

In a few seconds, he created a defining moment putting to an end, months of training and perseverance.

To the disbelief of QVS and RKS fans Tuvusa zoomed past their last runners. All in all, current and former students of Natabua High School had every reason to celebrate a special win, one that had to be decided in the last event.

To Shane Tuvusa and the 4×400 metres relay team, you rock. A big vinaka to all fans, families and friends who supported Natabua High School prepare for the Coca-Cola Games.

2017 will definitely go down in the history books but for now they deserve a heroes’ welcome.

Natabua High School has every reason to celebrate.

Taxi news article

Edwin Sandys, Suva

I refer to a Fiji Sun article on Thursday April 20, 2017 with the title ‘Taxi Driver Not Tanker Driver Caused Accident’.

I am surprised the Police, the Land Transport Authority, and the Fiji Taxi Union never picked up on this. Neither did the newspapers.

There are no taxis operating with registration number HJ484.

This appears to be a pirate taxi and the owner and driver should be dealt with severely – by the suspension of driving licence and deregistration of the vehicle licence.

Likewise, they should be charged by the Police. The authorities should come down hard on these people to deter the others.

Taxis have LTA registration and the plates are normally yellow in colour.

If this vehicle was permitted by the authorities to operate with a private number, then they should advise the public on the reasons for this.

I am pleading with the authorities, Government, LTA and the Police to relook and revise their charges on this driver.

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