Letters to the Editor, April 26, 2017

No shame on public bus Shailendra Kumar, Lautoka Being a frequent bus traveller in the afternoons (4.40pm) from the Lautoka Bus station to Nadi, this is the time when the
26 Apr 2017 12:30
Letters to the Editor, April 26, 2017
The Suva Bus Stand

No shame on public bus

Shailendra Kumar, Lautoka

Being a frequent bus traveller in the afternoons (4.40pm) from the Lautoka Bus station to Nadi, this is the time when the buses are usually full.

As I sat on the bus the other day which was also full, including female students of a prominent female high school in Lautoka, a boy and a girl in their early 20s, students of a renowned tertiary institution in Lautoka were seen to be using the bus as a ‘mode of motel’ I would say.

The pair were engaged in an overt public display of affection in the presence of all commuters. The scene itself was disgusting, especially when it is done in front of high school students. This does not paint a good picture.

Their action portrays the lack of family teachings, values and self-esteem of these young lovebirds.

We Fijians live in a rich traditional and cultural society with very high respect for family values and we do not expect to witness such shameless actions by our young people.

Existing laws is silent about this aspect where this sort of immoral acts do happen in public places. We Fijians are given privileges to exercise our basic rights, but at the right time and right place when no one is watching.

The action of these youngsters in a public transport is not only disgusting, it also sends a negative image to our society where such acts witnessed by high school students could also lead them to temptation.

Virtually disconnected

Shivneel Chandra, Tavua

As the student of Balata College, I would like to raise my concern about the impact of Tropical Cyclone Winston on the services of the biggest and most popular television station in the Tavua area.

It has been approximately 14 months since the catastrophic disaster devastated our beautiful island nation.

In view of the fact that the services of FBC TV has also been cut off probably because of the destruction of an essential communication equipment and technology disabling the transmitter signals to connect with the household television antennas.

However, signals are clearly available to some mountainous parts of the district, but reduced signals are available in other parts, and pleasantly all superb radio stations of FBC provide the strongest signal than other radio broadcasting companies.

Furthermore, this prolonged disconnection has greatly impacted the citizens of Tavua, including the students as FBC TV was the only source of visual media in the homes of ordinary people as pay television services are not affordable.

Moreover, people at the greatest magnitude have felt the brunt of disconnection as many fail to watch the outstanding news telecasted live, and miss wide assortments of educational programmes and shows, such as 4 The Record.

Thus, a compassionate request is bestowed to the administration team of our national broadcaster the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation to amend some of its communication infrastructure, when comfortable in order to reach the rest of the viewers and solve our problem as stated.

In conclusion, some improvement is kindly anticipated in the approaching months by some awaiting loyal viewers of such an elegant television station.

Fiji TV glitches

Edwin Sandys, Suva

I got home after 8pm the other night and after dinner, I switched on the Fiji TV channel. Sadly, it was a really irritating experience as the volume from the channel kept disappearing in between the movies.

Even on the news bulletin, it is the same and this continued for a while, so I swtiched to FBC TV channel and there was no problem with the sound at all, all night.

Should there be someone checking this out to see that it does not happen? Obviously at the moment, it is not the case because I checked around 10.15pm and the same problem was still there.

It is a common occurrence with this television channel and even during the Hibiscus Festival and other functions that are held, Fiji TV broadcast always seem to have all sorts of technical glitches.

Being the first television station they should be the best, but unfortunately this is not so.

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