Letters To The Editor, 3rd, May, 2017

Parliamentary Powers and Priveleges Bill 2016 Rajneel Kumar, Suva It was disheartening to hear and read NFP statements, on radio and online news, attacking FijiFirst regarding the Parliamentary Powers and
03 May 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 3rd, May, 2017
Letters To the Editor

Parliamentary Powers and Priveleges Bill 2016

Rajneel Kumar, Suva

It was disheartening to hear and read NFP statements, on radio and online news, attacking FijiFirst regarding the Parliamentary Powers and Priveleges Bill 28 of 2016.

Obviously NFP has a misconceived view of legal drafting and interpretation.

Firstly, there is no law against the constructive critique of Parliament or its policies.

Bill 28, to my understanding, simply aims to safeguard the sanctity, or importance/gravity of Parliament.

Surely any person whose words or actions aimed at defaming, demeaning or undermining the importance of Parliament must be legally actionable to ensure confidence in Parliament by its people  – a Bill of high public interest.

The Opposition appears to attack the integrity of the democracy brought about, and soundly protected, by FijiFirst under the Constitution, by willy-nilly arguing (baselessy again) against quite a sensible Bill.

We have seen and heard many questionable and some downright nonsense submissions by Opposing parties and nay-sayers in the past which the greater public has simply laughed at. It was also discouraging to read that Madam Speaker is being attacked, simply because she was from the FijiFirst.

I must say, the Opposition fails to be fair again because to attack the integrity of such an ethical, honest and hardworking Speaker of the House, a trailblazing, honourable woman, is a cowardly stance.

The right thinking people will remember Madam Speaker ruling not only against the Opposition, but also against Government at times. The only reason that rulings against the Opposition may be more is because FijiFirst is always most proper, pragmatic and sensible, with service to the public at heart in all it does.

These are just my two-cents (apologies, some people just irk my good sense to keep quiet).



Suva to Lautoka coaches

Tomasi Boginiso,


The bus seems to be the best means of transport to and from the West Division nowadays. They are getting more comfortable, convenient, spacious, relaxing and fast.

Some have less disturbance by the checkers and some have the air conditioning hot at times. And most convenient is the time the journey starts, since the bus does not spend too long at the bus terminal.

There are certain defects that just needs to be looked into, like the water pouring from the cooling system above the front seats especially. Once it start pouring, it never stops and can be very irritating at times. And when telling the checker about the problem, the answer was just wipe it with the curtains – a very unprofessional reply.

For passengers’ convenience, the stops are very unfair. The stops between Navua and Sigatoka seem to be more than between Nadi to Lautoka. After the Nadi International Airport there seems to be no stop till Lautoka.

There are heavily populated areas that the bus companies need to look at, like the Sabeto junction for the people of that area, and the Saweni Shopping Complex for the people in the Vuda area and the hotel workers in the Mamanuca Group, where boats operate from Vuda Marina and Anchorage Port. And maybe a stop at Natabua would be perfect.


Healthy lifestyle

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Inescapable, universal, uplifting – the only certainty in life is that it will one day end, but the onus is on each individual to live a long healthy life.

So for the benefit of our loved ones and ourselves, making a sustainable lifestyle change would be the key to a longer and healthier life.

It’s never too late to change our daily lifestyle choices.

Dietary and lifestyle modifications, together with physical activity is the way to go. Making it part of our daily routine will help us live longer (with our loved ones) and feel better.

Hopefully, this letter will motivate you to stick with your current healthy daily habits and inspire you to make lifestyle changes. Especially if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle.



Relationships in May

Shivneel Chandra,


As a concerned citizen of this beautiful country, I would like to raise my concerns on the importance of building healthy relationships in this magical month of May.

In order to have a peaceful, harmonious and a pacifistic society the relationship between its people should be positively healthy, strong and free from all types of negativism.

Undoubtedly, the most imperative ingredient in building healthy relationship is having love and respect for each other, as all good relationships are based on mutual respect.

An exquisite character of an individual should accommodate tremendous respect for the parents, grandparents, the life partner and love for siblings and children which will enable people to have cultured families.

In addition, individuals should also give an incredible amount of respect to teachers, the elderly, service providers, relatives even neighbours and other members of the society, which will assuredly create a peaceful environment.

Thus, practicing respectful etiquette and principles would build healthy relationships amongst people creating a peace-loving, undisturbed and violence free society.

Therefore, it is a kind request to those individuals who lack respect and respective patterns in life to please commence practicing it, change your character towards a positive wall freshly and the beginning of this month of

The month of May is no better opportunity to initiate such changes.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj



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