Letters To The Editor, 06th May 2017

Fire hydrants Satish Nakched, Suva I believe that the requirements for any land developer in Fiji with a view to allocate blocks together with a land title is that there
06 May 2017 10:52
Letters To The Editor, 06th May 2017
Scholarship Application

Fire hydrants

Satish Nakched,


I believe that the requirements for any land developer in Fiji with a view to allocate blocks together with a land title is that there should be a fire hydrant.

With that, there are strategic points that will be identified by the National Fire Authority engineering team.

There are regulatory requirements that must be adhered to.

Years ago, there used to be a pillar type of the fire hydrants installed. They were painted red and white. The new ones are below the ground level with distinctive markings.

It is sad to note that most of the pillar type for fire hydrants are in a very poor condition. It is very visible that the equipment was not serviced for a long time.

I believe any person with a strong power of observation will definitely miss some of the equipment that is being placed for the public safety.

Below the surface, fire hydrants, mostly in the outer suburbs, are covered with soil with nil visibility.

The deteriorating state of the equipment is a worrying fact. There is no genuine interest shown by the people concerned to look after the equiment.

Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire blankets and the fire hydrants should be serviced at six months interval.

Regular servicing ensures that the equipment is in an operational mode.

There is an urgent need to repair and maintenance the equipment by the relevant authorities.


Foreign scholarships

Shiraz Mohammed,

Glenwood, NSW

Has the Fijian culture of nepotism and discrimination also corrupted foreign scholarship schemes in Fiji?

I sent an extension of due date link to my cousin and he replied that it is not worth applying for this particular scholarship as they have their own favourites.

He bluntly told me that merit is the last thing that this scholarship considers. Seems like too many local cooks are spoiling the soup and wasting my tax dollars.


Fresh series on Fiji One

Edwin Sandys,


I request that this TV Series be aired some time during the day or late at night. When we get home early, we would like to see something Fijian or about Fiji. However, this Fresh is all Samoan and are quite boring in my view. It shows women doing makeup and Samoans fooling around.

I mean no disrespect to the Samoans but the series is distasteful. Secondly, I mean no disrespect to the gay community but having Tala act as a woman like he did during the series on May 1, does not portray a good image to our younger generation.

We prefer something interesting and educational. Surely, there are more interesting items you can show in the early evening!

Come on Fiji One! We deserve better!


Say No to Drugs

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


When youths and concerned Fijians rally behind the banner “Say NO to Drugs,” I believe all our national leaders including MPs totally support that call.

To read that a suggestion had been made in Parliament to introduce the commercialisation of marijuana farming in the name of commercialised agriculture, it kind of makes our leaders inconsistent.

The day Fiji legalises marijuana, all the millions of dollars spent on eradicating marijuana plantations in Fiji will all be for nothing. Farmers will want to plant more to recover their losses.

I believe also that yaqona farmers will switch to marijuana cultivation because it will more money in a short amount of time.

Marijuana is illegal in Fiji but as a nation we have problems associated with it.

Can we truly say with confidence, knowing the Fijian mentality that the legalisation of marijuana for commercial purposes will not negatively affect the lives of Fijians in the years to come?

Let us not be copycats with the mentality that all other nations have legalised marijuana and therefore we have to do the same.

Most of us who voted the FijiFirst Government into power did so because we want to be part of moving Fiji forward into a new dawn.

To turn Fiji into a marijuana country of the South Pacific is definitely not the new dawn that we want for our future generation.


Legalising marijuana cultivation

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


I will be the least surprised if many of those who pushed for the legalisation of marijuana in our country smoke it.

I am also compelled to ask the Fijian Elections Office to verify all monies donated to a campaign fund. I do hope that the proceeds did not come from weed monies.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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