Power Of ‘Decision Making’ The Motor To Success

Whether in personal, social or more so in professional life the role of decision making has been one of the most important requirements that would determine the true quality and
06 May 2017 11:00
Power Of ‘Decision Making’ The Motor To Success

Whether in personal, social or more so in professional life the role of decision making has been one of the most important requirements that would determine the true quality and strength of a leader/ manager/ executive.

Through this column I will try my best to focus upon the critical importance of Decision Making. I would also be sharing some of the positive tips and effective ways towards making decision making more accurate and successful.

It has been seen that many a times the delay in making decisions has led to a failure or has led to another competitor making the same decision quicker than you and has gone ahead to beat you in the competition.


Successful decision making

Successful decision making is not only about becoming successful in each and every decision that you make and this is because it is almost impossible to be correct in every decision of yours. In fact it is never possible to be successful all the time.

The main and primary ‘parameter’ for judging your effectiveness in decision making is the attitude of courage and collective thinking with which you have evaluated the pros and the cons (prospects & consequences) and after that has been done, the manner in which you have positively encouraged your other team members to share their perspectives and opinions regarding that decision and then after assessing all this you have made the final decision.

Successful decision making is also about how a leader is able to handle the failure of a decision that has probably not yielded the expected result.

It is about the way by which he is able to create a ‘contingency’ plan in the event that his present decision fails for whatever reason. The contingency plan will always make him and his team be prepared with his Back-up Plan!

Therefore even handling or managing a bad or an ineffective decision is about successful decision making and this is because like I had said earlier it is not possible to be correct and accurate in every decision of life.


Having said this every executive, manager or leader who wants to develop decision making skills must therefore develop certain specific and practical as well as useful ‘attributes and these have been stated below:

Content strengthening is all about developing as well building a deep awareness or knowledge about all the things related to the decision. If one has not studied a situation properly and deeply then his ability to make the correct decision make get affected in a negative manner

Conviction or belief regarding the purpose or reason for making a decision. Many a times a leader will encounter obstacles or challenges while he is in the process of making that decision.

It could for example be about the decision to introduce a new product in the market. After having assessed all the factors and after having analysed the views and observations from his entire team the leader may still come across a few colleagues or even his seniors from some other departments who may try and discourage him in making that decision.

It is in such situations that the leader must stand by his conviction and beliefs about the decision he has taken. He must not let other obstacles or views waver him from taking the final call.

Collective thinking in terms of encouraging others to share their views and observations. The leader who wants to be a successful decision maker must understand that in the process of decision making it is important to receive a 360 degree perspective too and for this to happen he must invite others from his team to share what they feel about the decision.

It always will help the leader to make more correct decisions if he acquires inputs from others too than relying on his own view all the time.

Calmness & Composure which means the attitude of being in control of emotions such as Stress, Anxiety and Anger. It has been seen that leaders sometimes make wrong or careless decisions especially if they are under tremendous stress, anxiety or anger. In fact their decisions many times therefore become ‘IMPULSIVE and ERRATIC’ and such kind of decisions could have negative effects on business!

Communication is your ability to express your decision as well as the reasons for making that decision in a clear, concise and convincing manner and at the same time to develop the right attitude to ‘LISTEN’ and understand the others and their viewpoints

Courage is the attitude of being fearless in terms of being able to handle criticism if the decision has failed for certain reasons and not let failures of one decision make the leader lose his motivation and morale to make decisions in the future.

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