Letters To The Editor, 13th May 2017

Plastic shopping bags Satish Nakched, Suva   It is a sad sight to note that during the low tide around the estuary areas there are so many plastic shopping bags
13 May 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 13th May 2017
The sunken ship, MV Southern Phoenix at the Suva Harbour on May 6, 2017. Photo: Divesh Kumar / Tech360 Fiji.

Plastic shopping bags

Satish Nakched,



It is a sad sight to note that during the low tide around the estuary areas there are so many plastic shopping bags clinging on to the mangrove roots and stems, which has resulted from people throwing the refuse recklessly.

This may be biodegradable but it takes a while to dissolve and cause huge environment effects. That abuse is very noticeable in the informal settlements along the coastal areas where there is no garbage collection system and the rivers and the streams are used by the residents for disposal.

The plastic shopping bags probably top the rubbish list, which is constantly pushed further inland during high tides. I believe one way to control or eliminate the shopping bag problem is for supermarkets to levy a charge per bags to the customers. The educational and the awareness programmes must be implemented and the customers are to be encouraged to bring in their own bags for shopping.

There are many empty cartons available at the supermarkets that could be used as well. This concept is a more environment friendly approach which contributes to a lot of benefits.

The cotton or bags sworn out of the flour packages can be reused numerous times. Hence garbage will be very less. Municipalities will save lot of money while transporting daily waste. Fruits, vegetables and seeds could not get spoiled if you bring them in cotton bags. You can protect their freshness for a longer period of time.

Drains will be free from plastic waste and will minimise danger to animal life on land and water. In the upcoming Ocean’s Conference, we must make a strong statement in curbing this threat which continues to escalate daily.


Translation on radio

Dhirendra Prasad,


It is totally disgusting listening to the weather news especially special bulletins that are translated over our radio stations.

Many times the translated versions are significantly different and misleading. The English version contains whatever the experts provide but the translated ones (especially the Hindi version) needs a lot of careful attention.

Gone are the days when translation was an essential component of announcing over radio, but the current ones make a mockery of the high standards set out by past announcers.

Leaving the other programmes aside for the moment please make every effort to prepare well before coming on air. These wrong interpretations have caused many confusions in the past where the people have criticised the weather office instead of the wrong message broadcast by wrong interpretation.

Remember, as announcers you play a crucial role in disseminating correct information to the public. You can either make them or break them.


A Mother’s Love

Suraj Kanta Singh,


Slow and silent

as the gentle dew

that falls in the morning

unseen and unheard

yet producing a magnificent sight.


On thunderous nights

as the amorous shield

that muffles the thunder

roaring and firing

yet sustaining the parched earth.


So is a mother’s love

as the gentle wind

that caresses the face

comforting and reassuring

forever loving her adorable child.


Oil leak

Tomasi Boginiso,


The sunken container ship clearly has an oil leak that could be seen clearly from the aerial shot that was taken recently.

Hopefully, safety measures are in place to contain this environmental disaster. It has happened before and it could easily happen again.

The delay in salvage will impact Suva Harbour and the oil spill will take its toll on marine life, residents of the wide Suva bay area, the men and women who fish on these waters for financial needs.

Hopefully, the relevant authorities take action and let everything return to normal soon.


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