Letters To The Editor, 18th May, 2017

Our strong and vibrant economy Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori All Governments in the world including all the economic superpowers like the USA, Britain, France, China, Japan and Russia make loans to
18 May 2017 11:02
Letters To The Editor, 18th May, 2017

Our strong and vibrant economy

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


All Governments in the world including all the economic superpowers like the USA, Britain, France, China, Japan and Russia make loans to survive and sustain their economies.

The purpose for these loans and how it is spent is what determines good or bad governance.

During the SDL era, most of our government loans were used for operational costs for the government. These were expenses such as civil servants’ pays and back-pays and the cost of running the government itself.

Today, the bulk of our loans are used for capital investments. These are expenses like building and renovating roads, bridges, schools, infrastructures, free education and etc. These developments lay the foundation that attract foreign and local investors to steam-roll our economy.

If we are to simplify this further, it will be like the management of two families. Let us call it the SDL Family and the FijiFirst Family.

While the SDL Family takes the loans to buy food, pay water and FEA bills, pay busfares to work, pay for the traditional and cultural obligations like funerals and weddings and etc., the FijiFirst Family takes the loan to renovate the house, build a small canteen, pay for their children’s higher education expenses, buy groceries to start the canteen, build a new flat to rent, buy a new property etc.

The World Bank has therefore correctly stated that Fiji’s $5billion debt is both manageable and no way near an ‘alarm bell’ level. It also added that our economy is manageable compared to many developing nations.

To achieve all this despite the international sanctions we faced for eight of the last 11 years under the Bainimarama Government and the aftermath of being hit by the second strongest cyclone in the world, it is a testimony for the strong and stable leadership.



Toso Viti

Manoah Kaleca,


I actually thought our Vodafone Fijian 7s team did not perform to their maximum capacity during the Paris 7s. Losing their first game to our neighbour Samoa could have dropped their morale, but I believe that there is more going on than the eyes can see.

I saw no unity or bonding when they were playing and it looked like their fitness level was not up to par.

This could be solved if they are given more game time in local tournaments like the Marist Sevens and Nawaka 7s which could gel them well before the next series.

This used to be the norm in past teams where our local 7s team would be also playing in local tournaments against very good oppositions.

Instead, they are released to play for their own individual clubs which will do no good because the more game-time these boys have together, the better their game would be.

Their set plays and combinations will also improve and this will reflect on the World 7s Series.

Another factor, I believe, that could be causing this problem is money.

If I am correct, only some of the our boys are getting paid and contracted by the Fiji Rugby Union while the rest are playing for pride and honour.

This should not be the case and FRU should look into paying and contracting all of the other boys as well.

I’m not talking about sponsorship money but pay them what they are due.

These boys sacrifice a lot to be donning the white jersey so it is only fair and right to contract them for the future series.

Again, this comes down to good management on FRU’s part. Toso tiko boys, we are behind you guys all the way! Go get the crown from London.  Mutu vaqaqa jiko! (Be strong!)



Paris 7s

Kirti Patel,


A lot of reactions took place recently on our loss during the Paris 7s. Of course it was expected. Some are pointing fingers towards the coach while others think the players’ minds were elsewhere.

I too, strongly feel the players’ mind are elsewhere or there is some internal problem going on that is affecting their performance. This I say because our team was very good and efficient with rugby. They are known as the wizards. They knew their in and out. They were doing miracles on the field.

The change of coach of course is a factor, but the abilities in our team outweighed the impact of the changing coach. They were simply amazing.

Yes it hurts and we do feel really upset, but at the end of the day it is all part of a sporting event.

We still pride ourselves in terms of rugby and still hope for a miracle. We still have the hope. We are still with our players no matter what.

Let’s just hope for a different outcome. We wish our boys all the best for last leg off the series.

To the authorities please think of having some constructive talk with the coach and find out the hidden mystery.

Something is really wrong somewhere.

Five Square diwali dhamaka 2021

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