More Cane Farmers Laud Government

  More sugarcane farmers have come forward to voice their appreciation of the initiatives and assistance Government has given out so far. One farmer in Ba has said he will
19 May 2017 11:00
More Cane Farmers Laud Government
Brothers Sunil (right) and Rahul Chand give the thumbs up to Government from their farm at Koronubu in Ba. Photo: Charles Chambers


More sugarcane farmers have come forward to voice their appreciation of the initiatives and assistance Government has given out so far.

One farmer in Ba has said he will not be swayed by politics as they have been used for others’ political gain in the past.

The farmers were more than happy with the recent $10 million given to pay off farmers’ loans and $2 million to help buy mechanical harvesters to be used during the harvesting season which begins next month.

In Nadi, Krishna Kumari, 62, of Solovi in Nadi said she had no idea about the $10 million given by Government to assist farmers, but if it was happening then it was good.

Ms Kumari said on her farm they used the old way of harvesting as it was on a slope and mechanical harvesters were not good on that terrain.

“But it is good that farmers are being assisted,” she said.

Another farmer of Solovi, Basanti Mala, 53, said she also had not heard anything about the $10 million assistance from Government to farmers.

However, she wanted to know about it to help fix most of her problems at her own farm.

“This is a good initiative as one of the major difficulties that farmers face during harvesting is we cannot find labourers.”

Munsami Chetty, 38, of Meigunya sector said: “This assistance is very good and helpful to farmers as it also boosts them to plant more.

“One of the hardest things we face now is finding labourers to harvest the field, so having a mechanical harvester will be quick and efficient for the farmers.”

Narayan, 78, of Solovi said: “Government is doing their bit and helping the farmers which is a good, but a lack of manpower in the farm is what most farmers are facing.

“This is really good with Government assistance and mechanical harvesters as it will boost the sugarcane farmers.”

Rajesh Kumar of Drasa Sector, in Lautoka, said: This will help farmers who are in debt, especially when sugar industry shareholders are trying to revive the industry.

“Having a mechanical harvester is like having a big burden being lifted off your shoulders, and most of us will be enjoying the benefit.”

Jay Kumar of Lovu Sector, in Lautoka, said: “It is indeed encouraging when we have this kind of assistance, so we thank the Government of the day for thinking of us farmers.

“This is like a grant for most poor farmers so that we can survive.”

Bal Krishna, 63, of Meigunyah said,” All I know is that the fair trade bought the mechanical harvester and it is a wonderful news and good initiative for many of the farmers.

“This will assist farmers as it is indeed hard for us to find labourers.”

“Children do not want to work on sugarcane field anymore, so the mechanical harvester is indeed a good way to help farmers.”

Sunil Chand, 32, of Koronubu, in Ba said they have had enough of politics in the cane belts.

“These politicians only come when elections come near, give a lot of promises and we don’t see them until the next elections,” he said.

“What this Government is doing for us has never been done before and we are so happy with all these assistances,” Mr Chand said.

He said last season they spent a lot of money on labour and providing meals for them but with the new mechanical harvesters, they will save more this year,” he said.

Edited by Ranoba Baoa




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