The PASSIONATE Salesman Scenario SELLING Effectively Towards SAILING Successfully!!!

For any organization that believes in ‘Sailing’ towards success rather than ‘Crawling’ towards it one of the most important parameters upon which it can race ahead of its competitors and
20 May 2017 11:00
The PASSIONATE Salesman Scenario SELLING Effectively Towards SAILING Successfully!!!

For any organization that believes in ‘Sailing’ towards success rather than ‘Crawling’ towards it one of the most important parameters upon which it can race ahead of its competitors and accomplish its respective objectives and goals is the way by which it enhances and boosts up its ‘SALES’.

With the best quality of products and services and the most competitive ‘pricing’ the organization should never ignore the important role of Sales.

I am of the firm view that even the best product with the best price also needs the best sales strategy and along with it the most effective sales team of sales manager and his executives to execute that the function of Sales in the most effective manner possible.

Through this as well as my future forthcoming columns I intend to share my own thoughts and perspectives on the very important and pertinent subject of Selling Skills especially in the context finding out the most required skills and attributes that an employee in charge his Sales must possess and thereby implement.

In this column I will be focusing upon the PASSION and its role in SALES.


The Passionate sales executive (The PASSION quotient)

It all begins with the passion to sell. For any organization that wants to hire the best sales people one of the most fundamental criterion or requirement must be the Attitude of PASSION.

What is the true meaning of the term ‘passion’? Well! In simple terms passion means an extremely strong urge, desire or determination that resides within the attitude of a person towards achieving his target or goal.

In the context of Sales, when a sales executive or sales manager is unwilling to give up on a customer and therefore pursues that customer and perseveres in finally convincing him to buy the product/ service is said to reflect a strong passion for sales.

Many years ago, when I used to work as a Sales Executive for a Multinational organization based in Mumbai, India I had experienced a lot of situations where despite my impressive presentations regarding the product the customer would either politely turn down my offer or would completely reject my offer in a very aggressive and rude tone of communication.

On a few occasions I was literally and quite impolitely asked to leave the customer’s office and not waste his time. It was at that point in time I realized that what I needed was a deep and a strong emotion of passion to not give up so easily on those customers who had rejected me once.

I would try to engage with them with polite ‘follow-ups’ and would have them eventually invite me for a personal discussion.

I had realized one thing which was that the same customer who had rejected the product earlier when pursued politely and yet persistently would appreciate my attitude of passion and therefore present me with another opportunity to convince him and more often than not I had managed to eventually to sell that product to him.

In this process I had realized that Selling is not just knowing the product ot just knowing the selling techniques but also having the strong passion to persevere towards convincing the customer despite his initial rejections

As I share this, it is important to note that having a lot of passion within me did not mean that I was successful all the time.

There were customers who, despite my passionate perseverance, still walked away and told me not to ever come back to their office. Even in such situations my emotions of passion played a significant role in that it helped me to re-strengthen and recoup from the feelings of ‘De-motivation’ and disappointment which I was naturally experiencing due to my failure to successfully sell the product.

I realized at that point in time of my career that being passionate about my product as well as my organization’s goals made me mentally stronger to deal with failures and rejections from customers.


How to develop and strengthen your passion?

In pursuit towards finding the answer for the above question I met quite a few professional leaders from the corporate world and after having interacted with them upon this subject I have come to the inference that one of the most important requirement to help us create as well as strengthen PASSION is by developing and charting an ‘AMBITION MAP’ for yourself!

This basically means that each and every professional albeit from the Sales function or any other function must create his or her own professional GOALS for the short-term; mid-term and long-term perspective.

In fact in all my TRAINING & COACHING Seminars on topics related to Sales, Leadership Development as well as Self- excellence I have always focused and emphatically reiterated upon the role of GOAL –SETTING with specific ‘timelines’.

I believe that the moment you are able to set your goals especially your professional goals you will automatically end up igniting the emotion of strong passion within you. Without goals you will never feel the need to be passionate.

Therefore remember we must that even for achieving the highest SALES for the organization it is extremely important for the Sales Executive or Manager to be able to articulate his short-term, medium- term and long – term goals not just for your products and services but also in terms of his entire future career too.

The question hence one must is oneself is “By which year must I acquire my next promotion and what do I have to do to achieve it” Such kind of self-questioning and self- analysis regarding your future goals and ambitions  will automatically give rise to the emotions of deep passion which will then lead to more successful and profitable actions.

Remember always that the sale person who just goes to the customer to sell his services or products as though he has been forced into it will sound dispassionate and disinterested while he interacts with his customers. He will not come across as a ‘SELF – DRIVEN’ sales person. Such lack of passion and disinterest not only can lead to the creation of a negative image about the sales person but also end up creating a negative image about the organization too.

Whether a sales executive or a sales manager or even if it is the Head of Sales it is extremely vital that apart from the various other attributes like Selling Techniques, Customer-communication skills Managing Teams and other related topics to Sales about which I will be sharing my inputs with you in my forthcoming columns, I believe completely that it all begins with the attitude of PASSION to WIN and along with it the PASSION to arise from FAILURE!


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