Letters To The Editor, 21st May 2017

Special thanks to John Ross Spencer Robinson , Suva I am amazed and grateful for the effort taken by Mr John Ross (Nadi-based Marketing and Advertising Specialist) for his extraordinary
21 May 2017 14:54
Letters To The Editor, 21st May 2017

Special thanks to John Ross

Spencer Robinson ,


I am amazed and grateful for the effort taken by Mr John Ross (Nadi-based Marketing and Advertising Specialist) for his extraordinary yet simple piece of article that was published in the Fiji Sun’s Business Liftout on May 13, 2017 titled – “Writing as a passion: How to improve your writing skills.”

The contents of the article are primarily based on how to write well. Moreover, the article clearly describes issues on extensive writing, communication in writing and writing with simplicity. Someone once said that “we are not here in this world to belittle one another but to support and help each other.”

This amazing piece of article also demonstrates our obligation as fellow human beings to share our knowledge and skills especially to the younger generation. Thank you, Mr Ross for sharing your knowledge on how to write well.

In my capacity as a tertiary student pursuing postgraduate studies in International Relations, I personally believe that extensive reading and writing is of paramount interest indeed. Mr Ross simply concludes in his article most powerfully and beautifully – “But most of all write. And to write well you need to read well and widely.”


Thinking outside the box

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


Chandra Prakash Singh’s letter titled “Thinking outside the box” suggests some solutions for the Fiji Roads Authority to improve their traffic control.

Although some of his suggestions are valid, I am concerned with his suggestions on:

Removing road humps from villages

Building over-head walkways

Constructing more overtake lanes.

Today, there are some children still crossing rivers every morning and afternoon, and walk long distances to reach school. There are students still attending classes in tents.

To spend millions of dollars of our scarce resources on these luxuries just so that some of our drivers may not be delayed for half an hour borders on ignorance and arrogance.

Many of these villagers gave their land to have these roads built for you and I to travel around. Many have been killed from speeding motorists where there are no or less road humps. These road humps play a vital and affordable role in providing safety traffic control.

Before we try to think outside the box, let us first ensure that we do not overlook the more simple and practical solutions that lay inside the box.


Price of vehicles

Floyd Robinson,


While many are discussing the reasonable price of cars today, including recently introduced hybrids, there is a cost that we all pay.  Increasing number of cars on our roads in Suva area means more beyond just traffic jam.

Does not the increased weight of cars on our roads result increased pressure on roads? Will this lead to more wear and tear of our roads? The regular rainfall may not help.

What about bridges between Lami and Suva and those between Nausori and Suva? All in all, our roads and bridges will be under increasing pressure because of the number of cars.


Viceroy’s House

Joan McGoon,


It is interesting to note that the Ministry of Employment will be disregarding certain legislations that no longer apply to our modern working society because it was drafted in the Colonial era.

At one time, they were necessary but not at this point because they are no longer applicable. The latest movie out at some of the movie houses is ‘The Viceroy’s House’, based on a true story of the split between India and Pakistan and Britain’s role in this.

It is a wonderful historical movie to watch with family and friends to even better understand our own past Colonial rule and the necessary measures undertaken by the British to give Independence to one country and assist in the birth of another without prejudice.

Britain was at that point and even today, still one of the greatest country in the World.

Before disregarding certain colonial legislations because they do not apply, perhaps it is necessary to spend more time deliberating on this?

Just a thought.


Last stand

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


As we look forward to the last tournament in the World Sevens Series 2016/17, Fijian 7s fans would like to see our team make a final strong stance in the London 7s.

Has the idea of using the final two tournaments to prepare for the 2017/18 Series taken away the hunger and Fijian magic from the team?

Champion teams normally come out firing and play extremely well in the next tournament, after being demolished.

The Vodafone Fiji 7s team is currently the Olympic champions in 7s rugby and after a heartbreaking performance in Paris, as champions, we expect the them to make a final stand and show the 7s world why we are the world’s best.

We are all praying for the Paris experience not to be repeated, because we’ve got Canada and New Zealand in our pool.

As die-hard Vodafone Fiji 7s supporters, we will still cheer on our national pride and joy – win or lose.

Win the London Sevens this weekend and your fans and the world will know that even if you are down, you are not out!

Go Fiji, go!

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