Letters to the Editor, May 24th, 2017

Carp or not to carp Christopher Griffin, Perth and Rakiraki  Parliamentary language or otherwise, ‘c.ap’ is not accurately replaced by the word nonsense. C.ap is stronger and not the laughing
24 May 2017 15:52
Letters to the Editor, May 24th, 2017

Carp or not to carp

Christopher Griffin, Perth and Rakiraki 

Parliamentary language or otherwise, ‘c.ap’ is not accurately replaced by the word nonsense.

C.ap is stronger and not the laughing matter nonsense often is. C.ap is innately offensive when not aired in privy precisely because what is being referred to its human point of origin, which seems to have been Mr Prasad’s intent.

To this extent, as grammarians and most others will concur, c.ap is pointed. It avoids a bang but carries a load of meaning. Thus with great respect to the A-G it is different from the faecal deposit of male bovines.

Whether the expression is out of place in Parliament is not for me to say. Sir Winston Churchill once avoided offending Parliament by instead of charging an opponent with lies he spoke of ‘verbal inexactitudes’. Someone else, on another occasion spoke of ‘economy with the truth’.

I don’t wish to carp but maybe ‘pooh’ would be a suitable replacement. Winnie would approve.

Blood sample

Nirbhay Singh, Labasa 

There is a shortage of Vacutainer (blood specimen collecting tube) at the Labasa Hospital.

Upon enquiry, I was also told that there was none nationwide because of the delay from our suppliers overseas.

Firsthand experience I saw frustrated clinical patients waiting outside for hours only to be told that remaining collection tubes are for emergency and maternity wards. Shouldn’t there be a notice or public awareness on this? It is causing inconvenience for the remote travelling public.

Those attending clinics are told later to have samples extracted on their clinic dates hence putting work load on laboratory staff to manage high volumes on given dates.

Results are to be available within three hours considering hundreds attending on a given date. One wonders how they are managing now.

The Ministry of Health need to address this as soon as possible before it gets worse.

Best rugby showdown

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu 

The Super Rugby game between Crusaders and Chiefs on our turf was just awesome.

What a brilliant display by both teams, and comparing the rugby here it was second to none. We have witnessed, not as a team but the individual brilliance. The pace of the game, the ball contention, the players’ movement, the power and strength and the accuracy of kicks all worked according to their plan.

My only wish is that our local coaches and players have learnt a lot from the encounter and hopefully we can improve on all aspects of the game. If the local boys could be blended into the system why can’t we try and be part of it?

I would also like to congratulate the people involved in the preparation of the event. It was just awesome and hopefully with the success we are able to host more games in the future.

7s team change

Manoah Kaleca,  Suva

It is always heartbreaking to watch our boys lose to teams we once used to beat convincingly.

Teams like Canada, Scotland and America to name a few. The game of 7s rugby has truly evolved and these once mediocre teams have stepped up and are now a force to be reckoned with.

I believe our boys are unique and they have God-given talents and skills that only a few other teams have in their arsenal. The reality is that if these talents and skills are not developed and nurtured correctly, then it is in vain.

We need the boys to be psyched up before each game and to be mentored properly and given the right diet to be able to perform well and with efficiency. I believe it is also the right time for some of the old boys to step aside and give the younger ones a chance to prove their worth.

We have so much talent on our island nation and it is sad that some of these boys who sacrifice a lot of their time and effort are not being given the chance to represent our country in the abbreviated code.

Next season is still way off and this would be the best time for us to regroup, analyse and choose wisely who will represent us in the future.   

Police training

Narayan Reddy,  Lautoka

Good to see our Police officers upskilling their driving skills in Lautoka.

I must say the Police in Lautoka have been doing the hard yards lately, some on the road as early as 4:30am doing road runs and everyone can see them training beside the LTA Lautoka office almost daily for the past few weeks.

I am sure by upskilling their driving skills the Police will be able to respond quickly now. Thank you officers for doing the hard yards. I am sure the public will be happy.

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