Letters To The Editor, 26th May 2017

No numbers, no proof Narayan Reddy, Lautoka I found out one of the reasons some people don’t want to display their vehicles number plate is to avoid the speed cameras.
26 May 2017 09:18
Letters To The Editor, 26th May 2017

No numbers, no proof

Narayan Reddy,


I found out one of the reasons some people don’t want to display their vehicles number plate is to avoid the speed cameras. Another reason I was told is, people cannot complain about those vehicles.

Yesterday, a truck didn’t stop at an intersection and I had to stop suddenly and almost had an accident with another vehicle that was following me.

When my friend yelled saying he would complain on LTA’s toll free line, he was told to go ahead.

That’s when we noticed that the truck didn’t have any number plates. This is interesting. All the ideas people can come up with just to beat the system.


Rugby vs Soccer!

Herleen Emily,


Rugby and soccer have become a popular sports worldwide.

I am an ardent fan of both soccer and rugby, however, my excitement turns down while I watch soccer.

I believe soccer needs “room for improvement”. Most of the decisions that the referee makes are totally wrong.

Maybe, that is one of the reason why arguments and fights build up during the play because there are no fair decisions taken by the referee.

While in rugby there is a fair decision because there are cameras and modern technologies surrounding the field.

This in return leads to a fair game. However in soccer the referee’s decision is the final decision. And sometimes, the decision is wrong and the opposite team has to suffer.

I suppose most of the soccer fans would agree with me. So, the solution can be, if the Fiji Football Association board could introduce a panel of judges together with the referees to make fair decision and also by looking at the cameras, hence, creating an equitable environment.

Don’t you all think this should be imposed?


Mini bus service

Tomasi Boginiso,


Mini bus transport is faster, but very inconvenient in the seating. They are very small and there is hardly any space. For smaller people and children it would be ideal for them.

For others you might as well catch the coaches because you would not be comfortable.

The only seat that might feel comfortable is the one beside the driver.

When they wave you to their minibus, they lure people in saying that they require only two more passengers and its a go. But after seating and waiting it turns out that there are still a lot.

After waiting and waiting in your seat, when the minibus if finally full, it leaves its base, but suddenly it turns in to refuel and sometimes the driver gets a snack for himself.

The passengers who had been waiting for so long are completely forgotten. No safety briefing by the driver or a vinaka vakalevu after getting off.

Also a time of arrival to the destination would be great.

The seating should be inspected by the relevant authorities because during an accident, the seats will make it worse for the passengers. Hopefully something will be done.


Motorbikes, scooters, bicycles

Michael Chambers,


Considering the long entourage of cars to work and school every morning just drives the thought of investing in a motorbike, scooter or bicycle.

It sure would be fun to maneuver around in limited space and getting to work on time.

No need to worry about parking space. I think employers will now need to seriously think about providing provision for bike parking if we are to take that approach.

Raja, this will be a good business opportunity.


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