The Face Of “Evil”

Murderer/rapist Josua Colanaudolu was yesterday called “evil” and a “serial rapist” when he was sentenced to life in jail. Justice Salesi Temo told him in the High Court in Suva:
27 May 2017 10:49
The Face Of “Evil”
Josua Colanaudolu after he was sentenced to life imprisonment, minimum of thirty-years by High Court Justice Salesi Temo in Suva on May 26, 2017.Photo: Ronald Kumar

Murderer/rapist Josua Colanaudolu was yesterday called “evil” and a “serial rapist” when he was sentenced to life in jail.

Justice Salesi Temo told him in the High Court in Suva: “You were the height of evil for those young women complainants.

“You qualify as a serial rapist and you are the worst nightmare for any parent who has a daughter.

“Your behaviour from the time you were 22 years old when you attacked the first complainant in 1998 to when you raped and killed Mere Ailevu in 2016, a period of 18 years showed the personality of a depraved character.”

It was also stated by Justice Temo that Colanaudolu showed no remorse to thevictims when he bullied and raped them.

“You showed no regard to the rights of those young women and the fact that you had a young daughter yourself did not help,” he said.

“You must not complain when the court gives you the same mercy you gave to the victims.”

Colanaudolu has been sentenced to a mandatory life imprisonment for the rape and abuse of three victims, and the abduction, rape and murder of a fourth victim, Mere Ailevu. He has a minimum term of 30 years’ imprisonment to be served before a pardon may be considered by the President of Fiji.

Mere’s father, Kameli Vosamacedru, who was grateful that the sentence had been passed told Fiji Sun yesterday: “But it should be at least 50 years. It still hurts when I think about it because she was my eldest. Her brothers and sisters ask for her all the time.

“I’m thankful to the staff here at the council for their support. And also to my Mum (Alisi Draunivesi) whose constant advice keeps me going.”

Justice Temo said the facts of the case were disturbing.

The court heard that Colanaudolu represented Fiji in judo at international events when he was young.

“This was a good start for you as a role model for the youths in the area however, unbeknownst to the members of your community, you began to use you sporting power to prey on young girls in the area,” said Justice Temo.

It was stated that Colanaudolu was 22-years-old when he attacked the first victim, who was 14-years-old then and was tiny compared to his bigger and stronger build.

Colanaudolu was 26-years-old when he forced the second victim out of her house while she was breastfeeding her baby and took her to a dog house where he raped her.

He was 36-years-old when he tricked the third victim that her father was looking for her and took her to the beach where he raped her.

“All the attacks on young women came to a head when you turned your attention on Mere, a 14-year-old girl and you were 39-years-old at the time,” said Justice Temo.

The court heard that Colanaudolu saw Mere at the market and forcefully took her across the Queens Highway towards the Loloma Beach Side where he threw her over the fence.

Then he assaulted her by elbowing her and carried her forcefully to the beach where he repeatedly raped her.

It was stated in court that Mere died as a result of massive brain injuries. She was found dead on the beach on Monday, March 14, 2016, the court heard.

As for the aggravating factors Justice Temo said: “By offending against the above female complainants, you had shown no regards to their rights as human beings and their right not to be harmed or abused and you showed no regard to Mere’s right to life.

“Furthermore, you showed no regard to the rights of the victim’s family as they have a right to see that members of their families are not harmed and abused by people like you.

“You have caused them heartaches and sadness and you showed no remorse throughout the trial.”

It was highlighted by Justice Temo that the sentence was designed to punish Colanaudolu in a manner which was just in all the circumstances, to deter other would be offenders from preying on the young children of this country – the future of Fiji.

And to signify that the court and the community denounced what Colanaudolu did to the four victims.

Mere’s family had moved to Savusavu, Vanua Levu, in April last year. They now live in Naverea.

Mr Vosamacedru now works for the Savusavu Town Council.


Edited by Naisa Koroi


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