The Salesperson’s Proactive And Verbal Communication

To make process of selling successful the executive or manager who is responsible for selling the products and services must develop excellent ways and skills of verbal communication. In sales
27 May 2017 11:00
The Salesperson’s Proactive And  Verbal  Communication
In business, to sell a product successfully, one must develop excellent ways and skills of verbal communication. Photo: IVAMERE NATARO

To make process of selling successful the executive or manager who is responsible for selling the products and services must develop excellent ways and skills of verbal communication.

In sales what it is vital and extremely important is to establish a positive connectivity and enthusiastic rapport with the customers.

There is an important term in sales which is known as ‘RECALL’ and it means the positive impact you make upon the customer that makes him or her not just remember you and your personality but also return to the same shop or place of sale where you are working and selling the products and services.


Making an impact:

One of the things in the process of selling is the attitude, aptitude and ability of the sales person to make an impact about the product or service. Impact is fundamentally a strong, positive and a long lasting impression that is created about the product or service upon the mind and attitude of the customer and for this to happen the sales person must use his most positive, powerful and persuasive skills of communication.


Proactive communication:

The first aspect within the scope of communication is the attitude to not wait for the customer to come to you but for you to approach the customer especially if he or she seems to be looking for something. I remember my own experience of visiting a Hardware store in Suva to purchase some spray paints and a face mask. I was new to the place and was not even sure about the entry and the exit gate.

After I managed to finally get inside I found myself in a huge space with a multitude of products and displays all around me. I did not know where to start searching and to add to that there was some sale going on due to which there was already a huge crowd inside.

I got totally lost inside and that is when I heard a voice quite close to me, “Sir, may I help you. Are you looking for something” the voice was emanating from my behind me and as I turned back I noticed a man.

I anxiously told him what I was looking for. He smiled at me and told me that he could take me to the specific place where the paints spray paints and the face masks were kept. He also indicated to me the place where I could find him in case I needed something else.

I was honestly relieved and what would have taken me a lot of time took me just a few minutes to acquire the products I wanted.

Before going to the cashier to make the payment I first walked up to the Sales person and offered my sincere gratitude for helping me locate the products. All he said to me was, “Sir, thank you for your gratitude but this is our job and we do it out of our passion. Please do come again”.

Very frankly the impact of this interaction with that sales person was so deep and positive that I shared this experience with some my friends who had visited my place that evening for coffee.

“Next time you are looking for any hardware related products you must go to only that shop. The sales people there are very good and helpful” I spontaneously told my friends.

In some way I was indirectly doing promotion of that shop and this was not because of the product and its quality but most importantly because of the ‘Sales Person’ who displayed ‘PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION’


Verbal inflections and modulation

In the context of Effective communication as a tool to create the right Sales Impact I have always perceived the skills of Verbal Communication and within that I wish to specifically highlight upon the role of ‘VERBAL MODULATION & INFLECTION’.

I can explain this with another experience of mine while I was in Singapore to conduct a seminar on Selling Skills. That evening after the session I was walking toward the River side restaurants and there were quite a few of them in a line along the river. All of them were very attractive to say the least.

I was with a few of my fellow participants and we decided to have our dinner at one of the restaurants.

However we were really in a conundrum and pleasant confusion in terms of the choice of the restaurant and it was at that exact time when we were approached by a gentleman.

He told us that he was the manager of one of the restaurants which was just a few yards away from where we were standing.

Rather than just calling us to his restaurant he then and there enthusiastically began explaining to us the unique and special cuisine that his restaurant was offering.

His entire verbal communication was full of excitement and also with a high level of energy.

We were almost captivated by the convincing manner by which he was explaining the special dishes he would offer us.

I asked him if there was any special discount that he would offer us to which he enthusiastically replied, “Sir! Our food is the tastiest and also the most authentic cuisine you will get and that is itself the biggest discount”

The way he modulated and brought inflection in his voice made us reluctant to go to any other restaurant which were located ahead of us.

“I think we should just try this place and the way this manager has explained… I am sure the food will be awesome!” one of the participants exclaimed to us.

We too were a bit tired to walk any further but to be honest the manner in which that restaurant manager impressed us really did the trick. Was the food good?

I believe it was better than good but what is important to learn is the style and skills of verbal communication with which he lured us towards his restaurant.

Whether a hardware shop or a restaurant or even a shopping mall the combination of Proactive attitude and positive Verbal communication can create the appropriate Sales- IMPACT!


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