Letters To The Editor, 28th May 2017

Nurses Satish Nakched, Suva I happened to have a relative admitted in the Acute Surgical Ward at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva last week and during my compassionate
28 May 2017 09:26
Letters To The Editor, 28th May 2017


Satish Nakched,


I happened to have a relative admitted in the Acute Surgical Ward at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva last week and during my compassionate leave, I spent four days in the hospital.

Through this experience I had gained more hands-on knowledge despite some negativity of what the nurses’ actually do.

My perception totally changed and the nurses performed marvellously and professional in the due execution of their duties in a very stressful environment with limited resources.

Their politeness and the kind smile work wonders for the suffering patients and the training comes very handy in the emergency situations.

They are very cool, calm and collected and deal with such scenario with efficiency which brings in a lot of comfort to the families of the patient knowing that their family members are in very capable hands.

They provide hands-on care to patients by administering medications, managing intravenous lines, observing and monitoring patients’ conditions, maintaining records and communicating with doctors.

Their services to the patients reminds me of a slogan that is printed on the rear end of a bus company which reads “Service to mankind is service to God”.

How true! Our nurses deserve a huge applause.


COP23 presidency

Sukha Singh,


The estimated cost of the COP23 presidency is F$55.7 million.

A trust fund will be set up according to a report where donations can be deposited. I am just wondering why such a small country like Fiji is going to spend such a big sum of money for the rest of the world.

What happens if the trust fund exceeds the F$55.7 million?


Commission of inquiry

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


For fairness sake, before Mosese Bulitavu or any SODELPA member of parliament calls for a commission of inquiry on the Police and military, they must first call for an inquiry into the crimes of national significance committed by their own current party leader.

Apart from his two coups in 1987 that brought our economy to its knees and sufferings to our people many violence was committed against Indo-Fijians at the time.

Many of these crimes were not reported because of their fear of further violence.

A fresh commission of inquiry should be done on his involvement in the appointment of Visanti Makarava who then bankrupted our then National Bank costing taxpayers of this nation over $300 million.

May be there should also be a commission of inquiry in the involvement of the SODELPA parliamentary leader in the 2000 coup and what she was really doing with George Speight and his rebels in parliament? She was then a wife of a prominent High Court judge and some are asking if her involvement compromised the judiciary to some extent?

SODELPA in its SDL days failed miserably in protecting the businesses and citizens of this nation.

During the SDL era, armed robbery was becoming the norm.

Gun was used in the Rajendra Foodtown robbery in Suva and over $200,000 was taken in broad day light.

Guns were used in the Westpac Walu Bay Agency robbery a year later. Guns were used in the Westpac Flagstaff agency robbery. An AK47 riffle was used in the ANZ Nausori robbery.

Womald Headquarters in the West was robbed with over a million dollars taken, etc.

Even one of the country’s most ruthless criminal and prison escapee, Alifereti Nimacere, was allowed to negotiate a deal with the authorities then.

Where was Bulitavu and his SODELPA group when Fiji was going down that road? It was through the hard work and sacrifices of our military and police forces that brought Fiji back to where we are today.

We must stop acting like a judge with one eye that only sees the wrong in others but not those of our own.

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