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Referees Zero Tolerance – Fiji Fact

As the Director of referees all effort and energy is used to develop referees by exposing them in pressure games at the same time we are preparing them for higher
01 Jun 2017 11:00
Referees Zero Tolerance –   Fiji Fact
Rakesh Varman

As the Director of referees all effort and energy is used to develop referees by exposing them in pressure games at the same time we are preparing them for higher level of games

Yes referees also have sleepless nights as teams, players and spectators. No one notices referees its only the foul wrong call, error by referee a player brings him in spotlight to media and on playing field.


Our referees will continue to give zero tolerance to

  • unsporting behaviour (retaliation), etc
  • dissents by word or action,
  • delaying the re start of play,
  • any violent conduct (what is not football) referees are going to deal accordingly

These are only few to mention players coaches are to be alert and educate players for good of the game.

It’s only the referees know how they go through. Referees do months and months of preparation so that they give their best performance. My referees are human beings they control human and are bound to make mistakes. Well surely those who don’t have good day or game. Referees run all over the field and are bound to make mistake when they are not at right place at right time.  Sometimes players block vision and spilt second decision is to be made.

We prepare referees well but some referees take things for granted and when they make clear mistake which cost the team game, we have no option but to ask them to relax and watch game .We deal with every mistake referees make during discussion to improve and benefit of all referees. Bringing consistency is a big problem as referees have different IQ.

Our selection of referees is based on performance throughout the tournament. The best is selected from the referees’ panel for top games. Yes even these referees are bound to make mistake. I pray to Almighty for knowledge and guidance for referees so they make fare decision and complete semifinal and final on high note.

Short Answers Cadet Referees

  1. A team playing against a team with twelve players scores a goal and the referee notices it before the restart of play. What action will the referee take?

The goal will be awarded. The offending player is cautioned for unsporting behaviour and is instructed to leave the field of play.

  1. Are players allowed to use tape to cover jewellery that is considered to be dangerous?


  1. A player accidentally loses his footwear and immediately scores a goal.

Is this permitted?

Yes. The player did not intentionally play barefoot, because he lost his footwear by accident.

  1. Does a team captain have the right to question a decision of the referee?

No. Neither the captain nor any other player has the right to show disagreement with a decision taken by the referee.

  1. Can the referee show yellow or red cards during the half-time interval or after the match is finished?

Yes. He continues to take this action until he leaves the field of play.

  1. Is it permitted for two or more players to challenge an opponent at the same time?

Yes, provided the challenges were legal.

  1. A defender starts holding an attacker outside the penalty area but finishes inside the penalty area. What action should the referee take?

He will award a penalty kick.

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