SELLING Effectively Towards SAILING Successfully

To be the most effective Sales person in an organization his or her understanding about the Selling TECHNIQUES must be extremely strong. Having knowledge about your product and services as
03 Jun 2017 11:00
SELLING Effectively Towards SAILING Successfully

To be the most effective Sales person in an organization his or her understanding about the Selling TECHNIQUES must be extremely strong. Having knowledge about your product and services as well as being able to communicate with passion and through effective Verbal modulation is a must but then what is also extremely important to develop the techniques of selling without which it will be truly difficult to become a consistently successful sales person.

Through this column I shall be focusing upon some of the important techniques which you can learn and implement into your sales processes nd thereby help your organization to grow and simultaneously help yourself grow along with it!


Pitching (Creating the perfect sales-pitch)

For a sales person, making the right pitch is the first step towards making his ‘sale’ successful. Let us first understand the meaning of the term ‘pitch’. What is a Pitch? Well! In simple terms the pitch is the manner in which the sales person makes a presentation to the prospective customer about his Product and its attributes along with its best Pricing in such a way that it creates a positive impression upon the mind of the customer which subsequently could influence his decision to finally purchase the product.

Let us understand the concept of the Pitch through an example.

Tom worked with a large manufacturing organization in Suva. The company had decided to construct a new building to accommodate all of its employees. Since Tom was working in the purchase department the senior management had instructed him to procure certain building materials at the best possible price. Tom had to make the purchase within the next two days and hence immediately decided to visit a few hardware shops in the town along with his colleague. He walked around and spotted the particular section which displayed the different types of tiles and furniture fixtures etc. It was while he was there looking and analysing the products that one of the sales assistants approached Tom to help him, however when he realized that the quantity was a large one he called upon his manager who then invited Tom and his colleague into his cabin. That is where, after listening to the requirements from Tom, the manager Mr Bill decided to make the right sales pitch. “Sir, if you can spare me ten minutes I will make the proposal for you and present it right here to help you make your decision” Bill requested Tom. After about fifteen minutes Tom was back in Bill’s cabin and the presentation of the proposal was made to Tom and his colleague in which Bill explained the various choices of tiles and furniture as well as presented the best ‘discounted’ price. This presentation that Bill prepared and made to Tom and his colleague could be understood as the PITCH.


Convince but don’t Coerce

In the process of sales it is important that the sales person must not push and force the customer to buy the product by incessantly following up with him. At times I have seen the sales person following me like a shadow trying to help me out and almost force me to listen to his views about the products and thereby making me feel irritable and non-interested. What is more appropriate is to be able to present to the customer in an impactful manner by which the customer will get surely ‘convinced’ and this could therefore most likely make him buy the product eventually.


Never ‘Over-commit’ and Under-deliver’…Honest is the best policy!!!

Among a lot of sales people albeit executives or even managers there seems this tendency to over-commit to the demands of the customer. There could be some highly positive qualities of a particular product but then if the sales person, because of either his over-enthusiasm or his utter desperation to achieve his targets tries to sell that product by telling the customer certain attributes about it which may not be really be present in that product and may end up actually disappointing the customer and lose more customers due to the negative feedback he may create.

It is also best advised never to exaggerate about the product. For example, if a customer asks if a particular Laptop has got specific ‘ABC’ features and if those features are not present in the Laptop then it is better for the sales person to be honest and tell the customer the facts!


Avoid saying NO to a Customer

On occasions when you find yourself in a situation where you may have to say a ‘NO’ it is better to become street-smart and avoid saying the word ‘NO’ and instead offer him other ‘ALTERNATIVES or CHOICES’. Remember we must, that we should always give the customer multiple choices before saying NO to him. I would not say that it is compulsory for the sales person to not say NO to the customers but my advice is that before saying the NO please try to offer the customer multiple options.


Be a Listener and not a ‘Talker’

Typically I have seen that sales people and especially those who interact with their customers regularly have a tendency to talk a lot and though their intention is really to impress the customers what really happens is that they talk so much that they end up restricting the customers to speak up and in the process do not get to understand the pertinent and specific requirements of that customer. Rather than explaining the A to Z about varieties of furniture it is probably the better option to first ask the customer a simple question which is, “Dear Sir, is there something you are specifically looking for?” If the customer has already done his homework then it becomes easy for him to explain it to you but then if he has not done any homework or study about the product he will himself request you to suggest the appropriate product. Being a listener always will help the sales person to get the best understanding about the needs and requirements of the customer and along with it will also become a form of ‘RESPECT’ towards the customer

Avoid saying “We are better than our competitors”

One thing that every sales person must understand is that ‘ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS’. Sales people have a tendency to keep reminding the customers that their products or their process are better. I personally as a Sales Coach and Trainer have believed that rather than using words it is always better to let the qualities of the product speak for itself. The best the sales person can and should do is highlight the positive qualities of the products which I believe is far more impacting rather than you saying that you are better than the others through your action. In fact it is the customer who must feel that you are the better choice as a vendor or shop just by the pleasant experience he acquires.

Hence try to be modest and instead of saying “Sir our products are the best and we are better than the others” it is better to say “Sir, once you use our products you shall yourself experience how we as well as our products are”


Service will boost more Sales

Finally every sales person at all levels including the Head of Sales must always amalgamate Selling and Service. I have always said in my trainings that Selling and Servicing are DIRECTLY proportional! The more you focus upon improving the Customer Service as well as After-Sale Service the better will be the Sales of the products and Services. Remember always, the way you offer service to your customer will assure you more business from that same customer even though he may not have bought the product at that point in time. “The real sale begins after the product is sold…After-Sale-Service is therefore an important and an integral part of Selling

Happy sailing to all my readers !!!


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