The Importance Of The Shopping List

Fiji Sun’s shopper of the week, 34-year-old Sala Makasiale talks about the importance of preparing a shopping list before going to your chosen supermarket. She was shopping at the modern
16 Jun 2017 11:00
The Importance Of The Shopping List
Milika Pesamino (left) and Sala Makasiale at MHCC supermarket, Suva on June 14, 2017. Photos: Taraivini Seru

Fiji Sun’s shopper of the week, 34-year-old Sala Makasiale talks about the importance of preparing a shopping list before going to your chosen supermarket.

She was shopping at the modern Morris Hedstrom City Center (MHCC) in Suva for her company’s grocery supplies.  Ms Makasiale works for Crompton’s Barristers & Solicitors, Victoria Parade, Suva.

Ms Makasiale shopped for the company’s groceries once a month.

“We buy in bulks and it lasts us within the month, we estimate the cost of the groceries we buy and note it on our shopping list when we come down to buy. Our budget to spend for the groceries amounts up to $350. But luckily for us, we have discounts because we have an account here at MHCC so we get some items for a cheaper price in total,” she said

For her family she said she shopped every fortnight.

She said that a day before her shopping they sat as a family to draw up the list.

Ms Makasiale said the traditional shopping list provided many benefits. The grocery list she said provided a disciplined approach to the shopping spree.

In these strained financial times, she said people were paying attention to where their money was spent with great diligence.


According to Woman’s Magazine There are several reasons why making a grocery list is sensible and they are:


Time Saver: The shopping list presents an organized approach enabling the shopper to get in and get out of the store without wasting time looking for goods you do not need.

Money Saver: You must also have enough confidence in the list to know that you do not need anything else. Your shopping list can reduce you food expense by between 20 and 25 percent.


Health Benefits: A shopping list affords the opportunity to evaluate the type foods that are consumed in the household. This list is your line of defense against making poor, last-minute food choices.


Make Shopping Fun: With a list, there is no reason to be stressed figuring out what you may or may not have in ample supply at the home. You follow the list and relax, knowing your approach is organized and on the mark.

Inspires Input: Make the list open to suggestions from all parties in the home. Children can add goods they enjoy, which are subject to adult approval.


When preparing her list, Ms Makasiale is guided by Make a Grocery List from the Woman’s Magazine –

Stay organized with a grocery list to avoid buying items you don’t really need.

  1. Use your list of weekly meals. Create a list of foods and beverages you will need to buy to make the meals in your weekly plan. Don’t forget to include foods like fruits, vegetables, and milk that might not be part of a recipe but are basics for healthy eating.
  2. Organize your list. Make shopping quick and easy by organizing your list into different sections or food groups. For a free template, try the Create a Grocery Game Plan: Grocery List.


  1. Add foods as you go. Keep an ongoing grocery list in your kitchen or on a free mobile app, and add items as you run out. Some mobile apps allow you to sync grocery lists with others in your household.

Ms Makasiale chooses to shop at MHCC because they sell quality products at reasonable prices and it is very clean.

Her advice to shoppers – “Look at the price and see the size, expiry date and packaging before you buy what’s on the list.”

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