Letters To The Editor, 17th June 2017

 Battle cry Jonas Bradburgh,  Makoi Could the FRU change its battle cry ‘Bring the Fight wear White’. I feel it promotes violence rather than rugby. It would have been better
17 Jun 2017 09:34
Letters To The Editor, 17th June 2017

 Battle cry

Jonas Bradburgh,  Makoi

Could the FRU change its battle cry ‘Bring the Fight wear White’. I feel it promotes violence rather than rugby.

It would have been better to engage the public in getting their opinion. If they did mine would be ‘TOSO VITI’.


Road name change

Satish Nakched,  Suva

Recently, I visited a voter registration booth to update my voter registration card and a very argumentative and healthy discussion was generated because the current physical information did not match with the information on the card even though I did not change my place of residence.

The place I live in ever since its development in the 1970s is named Nasilivata Road which is located in Nasinu. The street sign was erected and this has become common knowledge. The information is on our official records and other relevant documents. This includes driving licences, water and the electricity bills and other documents.

Just last year the street sign was removed and replaced with a new one and the name read Naisilivata Street. Both the words on the new sign are very different from the original one and is a source of confusion. There is a vast difference between the word street and the word road.

The new name on record makes my place of residence a totally new place. The change will affect everyone living in the same place and I am not very sure if there is such a policy or if there is an intention to change street names.

For a person to change his name he needs to go through a deed poll process and other legal procedures and I believe this may also apply when changing the name of a street. I believe the road name change was done without any consultation with the rate payers and stakeholders.

No study or research was done in favour of the proposed name change neither was any collection of the signatures of every property owner, resident and tenant along the street made nor was any attempt made to find out their opinions on a name change.

There was no public notice in the media about the change.

I invite the Fiji Roads Authority to respond and provide a definitive clarification on this issue.



Sukha Singh,  Labasa

People should realise E-ticketing is good for the people because this is the only way the Government will know how much money is made by each bus company so they can be taxed accordingly.

There are so many other people who have made a lot of money but never paid any taxes.


Cold front

Tomasi Boginiso,  Nasinu

Fiji is experiencing a very cold front especially in the evenings, compared to the past years it should be colder. It looks like we have to find extra ways of getting warm.

While some say that the grog tastes much better during this time, some say that they sleep more during these periods, and in some cases the showers are hardly used.

In some parts of the world people die because they are not warm enough especially children. We should remember this, our children should be dressed accordingly so they don’t catch cold.

Trees are supposed to grow to its utmost best and the air will be dry and windy at times. It’s also a good time to have daily walks and exercise in order to keep yourself warm and improve blood circulation.

Island residents might not feel the cool air due to the surrounding sea but at certain times they will feel it coming. Keep warm in the best possible way it will help you in so many ways.


National Women’s Expo

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

It’s growing bigger and better by the year. Congratulations to the women from all walks of life and across the country who have come together to market their products including handicraft, material, oil, food and many other products.

The 2017 National Women’s Expo at the Vodafone Arena is a sea of colours and diversity. A range of products were on sale reflecting culture, creativity and the struggle of women striving for equity and empowerment. Visiting the expo on Thursday, I enjoyed the lively performance of women from Rotuma.

The Nawiwi Women’s Club from Labasa were selling oil with a lovely fragrance. I loved the makosoi and uci combination.  Like one of the ladies at the stall said “only in Labasa this kind of oil is found”. The setup this year was excellent. The fashion show was also enjoyable.

One has to congratulate the national government through the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation and partners such as the United Nations Development Programme for a significant national event which drew crowds of people each day and is getting better every year.

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