Raura: Fiji Should Lead Less Fossil Fuel Usage

  Serenia Raura is one of the 16 Queen contestants at this August’s Vodafone Hibiscus Festival. Her advocacy message is centred on the use of renewable energy and how we
21 Jun 2017 11:00
Raura: Fiji Should Lead Less Fossil Fuel Usage
Serenia Raura. Photo: Niyaaz Dean


Serenia Raura is one of the 16 Queen contestants at this August’s Vodafone Hibiscus Festival.

Her advocacy message is centred on the use of renewable energy and how we can lessen the use of fossil fuel.

“The region faces the full brunt of climate change even though it contributes less than one per cent towards global emissions,” she said.

“So in an effort to mitigate the effects of this phenomenon the Pacific should be a leader in promoting the use of clean energy.”

She said as a leader in the Pacific, Fiji should take the first step in lessening its use of fossil fuel to set the pace for the region and the rest of the world.



Serenia Marama Raura, 21, is from Nalawa, Tokaimalo, Ra, with maternal links to Gasele, Yale, in Kadavu. She was born and bred in Cunningham, Suva, and has four siblings.

She attended St Anne’s Primary School and St Joseph’s Secondary School. She’s currently a third-year degree student studying Management and Politics at the University of the South Pacific. She aspires to take up a career in the area of Diplomacy after graduating.

What was your first reaction when you were told you were one of the Queens at this year’s festival?

Serenia: I was shocked and overwhelmed because Hibiscus is Fiji’s premiere festival. To be given an opportunity to be part something grand is truly a pleasure and an honour.

What was the motivation behind entering this year’s Hibiscus?

Serenia: One motivation behind the reason I joined this year was seeing how the past year contestants have evolved and how they have become proactive members of society. Seeing the work they have done and the mark they have left I too want to be part of that journey that would inspire others and contribute to nation building.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Festival?

Serenia:  I am looking forward to the experience and energy that surrounds the festival, that is the people we’re are going to meet, the places we are going to visit, the stories that we are going to hear and lessons we are going to learn, these are some of the things that mould the perspectives of a human being and I am sure my experience will be one in a lifetime.

Has it ever crossed your mind growing up and watching the Festival that one day you’ll be part of it?

Serenia: It is without a doubt that every girl’s dream is to be a queen, metaphorically speaking, but growing up and watching the festival I never thought I’d be part of Hibiscus because I never had the confidence nor charisma to be someone who could influence others.

Apart from your current position, what do you like doing in your past time?

Serenia: I model sometimes, only if there are shows to take part in but other than that most of my pass time is spent on reading or listening to music.

Who are your greatest inspirations by far?

Serenia: My greatest inspiration by far are my parents because they show me what sacrifice, hard work and commitment truly is and in every single day they make it their business to remind me that God should always come first in everything I do.

Some of the challenges in your line of work?

Serenia:  As a student one of the challenges I face is trying to manage my time wisely. Most of the time I am caught up in things that aren’t important and neglect the things that matter. So one way I try to overcome this problem is by setting my priorities straight and writing things down so I can keep track of them.

What would you like to take away from this year’s Hibiscus?

Serenia: One thing I would like to gain from this year’s Festival is simply the Hibiscus experience. It may not seem as much but it is a package which includes personal presentation, time management, how to be a strong and independent youth in today’s ever changing world and how one can engage and contribute positively to the community. All in all, it is simply how I as a young woman can influence others into being a good and productive member of society.



Quote: Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

Book: Dan Brown Series

Food: Chicken Chow Mein.

Song: Love on the Brain by Rihanna.

All time movie: V for Vendetta

Guilty pleasure: Having a chicken pizza with capsicum and extra cheese all to myself.


The Vodafone Hibiscus Festival will be at the Vodafone Arena, Suva, from August 11 to 19.

Edited by Naisa Koroi



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