Letters To The Editor, 24th June 2017

LTA statement form Satish Nakched,  Suva It is noted with concern that the Land Transport Authority’s statement form has shocking requirements of personal information that was made obsolete in 2011
24 Jun 2017 10:44
Letters To The Editor, 24th June  2017

LTA statement form

Satish Nakched,  Suva

It is noted with concern that the Land Transport Authority’s statement form has shocking requirements of personal information that was made obsolete in 2011 by way of a public notice released by the Ministry of Justice through the media on August 20.

In accordance with the Government policy the public were reminded that the ministry had ceased the practice of requiring the father’s name and that all Government ministries, departments, agencies, statutory authorities and related agencies including the Lands Transport Authority should refrain from such data collection mechanism methods.

The father’s name requirement was deemed to be racial as only one ethnicity was required to oblige to such demands. In order to ensure proper identification of the person executing the documents to be lodged there were other documentations like the driving licence and others needed to be submitted together for verifying purposes. Apart from the father’s name requirement the LTA form also has a portion where it demands the person to disclose one’s race.

I believe this is a case of ignorance of the lawful directive issued by the ministry and amounts to racial profiling.


Politicising from Government

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

It is the talk around the tanoa bowl from those anti-Government critics no matter where you are or where you go; our government cannot be seen to be campaigning similar to what all other parties are currently involved in right now, but I do sincerely hope these parties do not run out of steam, come the 2018 election.

The other political parties are free to go all out and campaign for the 2018 National Election, however, our Government status is different. They must concentrate on governing the affairs of the country and deliver their services to all Fijians irrespective of where they live or their social status. Mind you the FijiFirst Government is only delivering its election promises from its party manifesto unlike that of the SODELPA, NFP or FLP whose promises from their past manifestos have never seen the light of day.

Our globetrotting COP23 President, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, arrived straight from his UN engagements on Saturday June 17 and headed straight to the North where he was engaged in many Government service deliveries. But depending on which side of the fence you are standing from one may call it politicising, campaigning or vote buying but realistically it is our Government’s job.

It is encouraging to see the people from Korocau, Cakaudrove, afford a traditional ceremony to thank our PM and seek his forgiveness during his visit. Noteworthy is their genuineness and appreciation.

SODELPA stronghold or not, Fijians appreciate the genuineness and inclusiveness of the FijiFirst Government leader.


Water for life

Sachida Nath,  Nadi

Water is synonymous with life and healthy living.

To have access to safe and sufficient water at an affordable price matters.

However, I found something amiss in my recent audit of a borehole water scheme (It is operated by a small income earning community).

The scheme has charged some consumers in a disproportionate manner. The project classified one consumer as an “outsider”, for instance. Thus the rate demanded and paid was $25 per month for this consumer with a family of five. The levy was based on a head count of the members of a family and not on consumption per month.

The contention was community usage under this scheme cannot be metered per household.

But charging selectively on an insider or outsider basis is prejudicial  and dicriminatory.

This communal borehole scheme was set up on the assumption that it is to serve a community despite certain limitations or constraints.

It shoud not be run like a commercial enterprise extracting a high profit margin from a few customers who have been classified as “outsiders.”

Section 36 of our Constitution states that every citizen has a right to access sufficient, safe and clean water.

The onus is on the provider to make it as affordable as possible.


Criticism not an insult

James Bachu,  Nadi

Some people, take criticism as an insult. But I think criticism is a healthy ingredient that needs to be taken objectively because different views or ideas can be enlightening and may help us to make positive changes, improve or make progress in some endeavour we may be engaged in.

Such an attitude should be useful as we prepare for the next election in 2018.

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