Letters To The Editor, 25th June 2017

No response James Bachu,  Nadi Kirti Patel’s letter (FS 21/06) is polite to say the least. Those who do not respond to allegations made against them should respond and clarify
25 Jun 2017 15:49
Letters To The Editor, 25th June 2017
Photo: Vodafone Flying Fijians flanker Peceli Yato dives over to score the first try against Scotland in their Test clash at the ANZ Stadium, Suva on June 24, 2017. Photo: Bruce Southwick/ Zoom Fiji

No response

James Bachu,  Nadi

Kirti Patel’s letter (FS 21/06) is polite to say the least.

Those who do not respond to allegations made against them should respond and clarify the issues involved, especially, if they hold positions of authority in the public sector as their decisions or actions affect ordinary people.

It would also be helpful if members of the public were to express their views on the same issues.

One reason why some wrongdoers get away scot free is because of the lack of public opinion and support on the issues involved which can have a negative impact on the future of our children and the nation.


Congrats Viti

Ashneel J Prasad,  Auckland, NZ

Congratulations to Fiji for their amazing win against Scotland. I think we’re on the right path to the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Toso Viti.


Safe disembarking

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

Having recently travelled last week on a local ferry providing transportation between Natovi and Nabouwalu, I must say that I was rather impressed in comparison to an earlier experience in January.

Overall the boat was quite clean inside, air conditioning functioning well and seats appeared to have been replaced.

The convenience room was quite well maintained despite the number of users. However, there is a safety issue which one hopes that management on board will take as constructive criticism.

Making our way down to the buses, before the boat berthed in Nabouwalu was a scary experience.

Vehicles including trucks and buses were parked so close to each other that a number of us had to squeeze our way through.

Some ladies carrying infants were also quite nervous. If by chance one of those vehicles accidentally moved a few inches by chance, disaster may have occurred on board the vessel.

One understands that the demand for shipping services (for passengers and vehicles) increases from time to time but the safety of passengers should not be compromised.

One hopes that the Officer in charge on a vessel and relevant authorities take note of this concern, and promptly take necessary action.


Budget issues

Neelz Singh,  Lami

Our National Budget should focus on allocation of funds into:

Providing cheaper access to communication, phones, internet and digital TV;

Providing other means of employment and improving income wage rates;

Improving medical services and the availability of medicine in all hospitals and health centres;

Providing facilities for the disabled in public buildings and infrastructure;

Providing decentralised public services and transportation access with better road conditions;

Providing an improved FNPF scheme with more capital gain and new innovative ventures;

I think we can call this the people’s budget; any other ideas that can be enlisted here is most welcome.


Giggling competition

Rajnesh Kumar,  Nadi

If a giggling competition were to be organised, then I believe that the Radio Sargam morning host in the weekdays would certainly win the competition. He can giggle without any reason and can irritate a person in his best mood.

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