EDITORIAL-Look North Policy Continues

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s visit to the Northern Division last week confirms Government’s overarching objective of reaching out and developing all Fijians. His second visit in four months to Vanua
26 Jun 2017 10:14
EDITORIAL-Look North Policy Continues

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s visit to the Northern Division last week confirms Government’s overarching objective of reaching out and developing all Fijians.

His second visit in four months to Vanua Levu brought smiles, words of appreciation and even apologies for no other national leader has the passion he has for the people of Fiji.

Following the opening of the Nabouwalu Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji office in Bua to the solar electrification projects for villages as far as Vunisavisavi in Cakaudrove, the people of the Northern Division have pledged their support to the Bainimarama Government.

This is in line with the Look North Policy that is to allow development initiatives to take shape to empower the Northern Division citizens.

The Look North Policy backed by big investments in infrastructure development and education rightfully alluded to by Prime Minister that his Government will spend $17million for Cakaudrove.

Mr Bainimarama had opened the teachers’ quarters, classrooms, boarding facilities, commissioned solar projects, a suspension bridge, gave fibre glass boats for villages to keep away poachers from their traditional fishing grounds and school children no longer take the risk of going on bamboo rafts to get to school.

Any project is an important symbol of Government’s continued commitment to the welfare of the people in the North.

And this is the cornerstone of Government’s Look North Policy.

Mr Bainimarama says his visit is always an opportunity to talk to the people of Vanua Levu and hear their challenges and concerns.

Overall, during every visit he did not forget to thank the people for their patience, and non-government organisations and stakeholders for assisting in various forms.

The upgrading of Fiji’s infrastructure is one of the Fijian Governments top priorities.

He said that the delay in infrastructure projects are due to the fact that they need to ensure that Fiji has resilient infrastructure that meets international best practice. To be built to the highest standards that is safe and with proper maintenance that will give the people decades of service.

Coinciding with his tour of the North was the two-day Government Roadshow at Saqani.

When opening the roadshow Mr Bainimarama assured those who attended that this was a platform which Government agencies, stakeholders, NGOs and Civil Societies take their service to the people’s doorsteps.

Taking the lead he was attended to in the Ministy of Health booth followed by his wife, Mary.

People are encouraged to make use of health, agriculture, financial advice, assistance and consultation services available during the roadshow.

It’s not only about bringing infrastructure to the Fijians on Vanua Levu but it was also a chance where talanoa sessions were held to hear from the people.

Complaints of Government services such as water and roads topped the discussions, while teachers and medical staff members also raised their concerns.

The PM’s delegation each had to take note of every issue raised. Civil servants in the North had to be on their toes to answer questions that were raised during the talanoa sessions.

This is always a time that people look forward to so they can also request for more support from the Government.

Mr Bainimarama has attended and continues to look into issues which might not seem important to others to ensure that people have access to services which were once a mere dream.

Mr Bainimarama has stressed Government’s determination and plans to improve the living standards and economic prospects of the people in rural districts, villages and settlements.

He says the vision for a ‘ better Fiji for all’ foresees a substantial reduction in inequality and redressing of the imbalance between rural and urban areas.

For Vanua Levu the ‘Look North Policy’ continues for the Fijian Government.



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