Becoming The Best Trainer

Through this column I will be making an intense attempt to inspire my readers, friends and especially those who are keen to become the best trainers in the corporate world
01 Jul 2017 11:00
Becoming The Best Trainer

Through this column I will be making an intense attempt to inspire my readers, friends and especially those who are keen to become the best trainers in the corporate world towards acquiring a clear understanding about the difference between an ‘average trainer and an extraordinary trainer’.

This column is specially meant for the present-day trainers and also for those who desire to become trainers in the future and who wish to specialize in topics related to Leadership and Managerial Excellence as well as topics that are related to technical and functional subjects.

We will explore the various ways and methods that can truly enable us in accomplishing ourselves as Impacting and Inspiring Trainers.

I believe it is imperative that we focus upon some other critically relevant areas of development that a trainer must enlighten himself with.


Trainers should not become the Couriers of Content

I clearly remember one of the training programmes I was attending and it was on the topic of Team Building. The trainer after the initial introduction about himself and about the meaning of the term TEAM started his training on the specific topic of how to become a better team member and what could and should be the qualities of a Team Leader.

Unfortunately most of what he was telling us was and is still available in many of the BOOKS or Research Journals and even on certain websites on the internet.

He spent almost the entire day of that training on telling us or rather boring us with the ‘content’ which we ourselves could have found out from books and other internet sites. He had become merely a ‘courier of content’.

What should be the right thing that the trainer must do? Well I do not say that he must completely ignore the content from books etc., however what makes a trainer an excellent trainer is the way he combines three things, first and probably most important is the content he himself ‘Creates’ or ‘Develops’ through his own experience as a Professional and therefore to create his own ‘original’ set of perspectives regarding the subject it is extremely vital that he dedicates a good deal of time to think and introspect and then make his ‘inferences’ and after which he would then put his thoughts on paper and thereby convert it into effective ‘content’ for the training.

The second aspect is that where the trainer creates an ‘Open Environment’ in the training. The term ‘Open environment’ basically means an environment in which the trainer offers the participants enough time to think and contemplate about the topic. He gives them that space to develop their own perspectives and opinions related to the subject.

The trainer can have this done individually or he can make groups and help then discuss collectively as teams. The advantage in making the participants to think and develop content on their own is that it generates a great deal of ‘Involvement and Interest’ about the topic and also increases each and every participant’s attitude of Confidence and Conviction with respect to the training.

The third and final aspect is the content which the trainer extracts from books, Journals or from specific internet sites.

The knowledge he acquires through these means is also very important especially because he is able to understand new and dynamic theories and perspectives which may have been explored and inferred by other people especially those who have specialized in that particular topic.

It is the beautiful confluence or amalgamation of these three ways of ‘content generation’ that will truly make the training not only interesting and captivating but also and more importantly make the training more effective and profitable for the participants especially because the content itself will become extremely vibrant and dynamic and not boring and pleasantly ‘outdated’!


The Trainer’s Attitude of Calmness; Control & Concern

Within the context of the Trainer’s ATTITUDE I would like to share with you a set of Three ‘C’s and these are Calmness, Control and Concern and I will explain the importance of these with my experience as a participant in one of the trainings I had attended a few years ago before I myself became a corporate trainer.

The trainer Mr Davidal was imparting the training on Selling and Marketing skills and while delivering his lecture one of the participants seated beside me, Mr Ravikant raised his hand to ask a question. The trainer noticed him and allowed that question to be asked however as he heard the question I noticed Mr Davidal’s facial expressions change from calmness to that of irritation and he immediately responded.

“Mr Ravikant, it seems you have not been listening to me attentively. Your question has no relevance to my lecture.

I suggest that you keep your questions for later and ask me only during the question and answer session.

By asking me now you are interrupting my flow” Saying this the trainer resumed his lecture. It is important to be noted that the moment the lecture ended and the question & answer session started many participants who had lots of questions to ask remained quiet and this included Mr Ravikant too!

It seemed as though there was a feeling of reluctance to speak up and pose their questions especially after the trainer, Mr Davidal had displayed his irritation towards one of the participants, Mr Ravikant.

The curt and almost arrogant tone in which the trainer communicated must have deterred the participants from interacting with him and this is exactly what we as trainers must be alert to. In such situations the true calibre and test of the trainer is to be able to take a deep breath and control his attitude of getting agitated and irritated.

We must especially in such type of situations maintain calmness and composure. In fact the attitude of Effective Listening plays an important role for the trainer.

Remember we must, training sessions are excellent opportunities for employees to enhance their skills as well enrich their knowledge however it is also extremely important that trainers must impart the training in the most effective and impacting ways to ensure that each and every participant leaves the training highly motivated and satisfied.

In the next column I will be sharing specific ways to make a training session not just impacting but enjoyable too!!!

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