Letters To The Editor, 06th July 2017

You’re absolutely right, Akbar Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva The Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar, is correct when she said: “Stop blaming us for the poor state of your
06 Jul 2017 09:16
Letters To The Editor, 06th July 2017
Mangroves in Yaqeta Fiji Photo: Entouriste

You’re absolutely right, Akbar

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

The Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar, is correct when she said: “Stop blaming us for the poor state of your health. I have never heard anybody saying that some of the diseases and burdens that we bring upon ourselves is our own fault.

“And I think it’s high time we all take responsibility and stop this blame game.”

Every responsible government strives to come up with the best ever health system for its people by continually educating and reminding the public to change their lifestyle into a healthier one and also providing professional health care personnel, facilities, equipment and medicine for those who fall sick.

Every year the State Budget for health care seems to increase, in our country where not many people have health insurance.

Here, the iTaukei mind-set in calling a hospital ‘Valenibula’ (House of Life), has flowed on to all Fijians. People seem to ignore good health principles, abuse their health and reach out to the chemist, pharmacies and health clinics and doctors for health restoration.

Unfair indeed that this blame game will reach the top, to the Minister for Health and Medical Services, who represents the Government of the day.

With our current increasing statistics for Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), it would be really unfair to put the blame on the health ministry and its leaders.

However, the Fijian mind-set has been that whoever takes on the Minister for Health portfolio, needs to be there with the people, knowing what they eat and drink, their lifestyles, the health facilities available, and their performance in meeting the health needs of the people.

In other words, as the Minister for Health, you take the blame, say you are sorry and that you are doing your best to continue educating the people to make healthy choices and improve the service delivery of our health institutions.

Our current Health Minister has proven to be one of the hardest working ministers in Government and I believe that given time, she will help turn around the current blame game, because she loves to go out there and talk to people and meet their needs.


Lauded LTA commitment

Pramesh Naiduy, Nadi

The Land Transport Authority’s commitment in providing services to all Fijians is evident through their actions.

I very much appreciate the decision of opening LTA offices on Saturdays. This is good because it would provide an opportunity for individuals who are busy during the week to use their services.

Before they had to take leave from work or postpone an obligation, for instance, in order to complete their task at the LTA.

Times have changed and services are at the reach of all Fijians with the current administration.

This is the beginning of a milestone and if all goes according to plan the result will be ordinary Fijians winning at the end of the day.


Medicine priority

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

If the shortage of medicine is not a priority than what is?

I thought human life is more important than anything else.



Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

One can see mangrove swamps being destroyed by developers at Denarau, the old Lami dump, Suva foreshore and at a particular resort  between Tavua and Rakiraki.

Everyone is complaining about climate change and the rising sea level but nobody comes up with a solution on how to stop developers from destroying our mangroves.

Recently I saw FNPF staff from Lautoka and a group of Japanese volunteers replanting mangroves at Sigatoka and Lautoka.

Can we have a law passed to stop developers destroying our mangroves, which will directly affect our children?

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