The State Of Leadership In Fiji

Mark has limited availability but if you want to meet him or invite him to deliver training at your business, contact him at   Recently I had the opportunity
08 Jul 2017 11:08
The State Of Leadership In Fiji
Mark Wager

Mark has limited availability but if you want to meet him or invite him to deliver training at your business, contact him at


Recently I had the opportunity of conducting research on the state of leadership in Fiji businesses on behalf of the Australasian Leadership Institute.

Research such as this is important because leadership is a significant factor in deciding whether a company is successful.

Good leaders motivate and inspire their team in order to become more productive.

The better the leadership the better the team and the more productive the team, the more profitable the company.

The research was conducted on a large number of employees in Fiji from a range of industries and at different stages of their career. The employees answered a series of questions about their immediate Manager or Supervisor.

Afterwards the employees were given an option to be interviewed to provide more details.

In this article I will be summarising the main results of the survey and what this means for businesses in Fiji.


There is a lack of quality Leaders in the business world

When employees in Fiji were asked to rate their immediate Manager or Supervisor as a leader the results demonstrated a clear lack of quality leadership with the majority rated as being poor or fair with less than one in ten Leaders rated as being excellent.


The results are quite similar to studies I have done in New Zealand and Australia so Fiji is not any worse than its neighbours but there is a difference when you look at the size of the business.

In New Zealand and Australia the quality of leadership gets worse as the number of employees get larger.

In companies with over hundred employees a third of all leaders are rated as poor yet in Fiji the quality of a leader gets better in the larger companies.

This is a positive factor for future economic growth.


The challenge for leaders in business is communication and motivation

When employees were asked about the qualities of their leaders it was clear that communication and motivation was an issue. During the in-depth interviews it appeared that many leaders failed to inspire people and there was a perception from some employees that they weren’t valued or trusted as much as they would like.


Leaders in Fiji are hardworking

A positive aspect that came form the survey was that employees in general considered their immediate Manager/Supervisor to be hardworking with only 5 per cent rating their leader as not at all hard working so it’s clear that the lack of quality leadership is not down to a lack of effort and because of this businesses in Fiji have been presented with an amazing opportunity.


This presents a great opportunity

While the initial results may be a bit depressing they shouldn’t be. Obviously we would want them to be better but the results are very similar to other countries and what it does show is that there is a huge opportunity to make a difference to the economy in Fiji.

If we can improve the quality of leaders, this will directly lead to an increase in productivity which in turn improves profits. There is an opportunity to address the quality of leadership in businesses and if we can meet this challenge the economy in Fiji can be transformed for the better and the employees want this to happen.


Employees want their Managers to be trained

When employees rated their leaders poorly it was with a hope that they could improve. Employees want their Managers to lead and to inspire them. It’s just that a lot of them don’t know how.

When employees were asked about whether they felt their immediate Manager or Supervisor would benefit from leadership training, a huge 88 per cent of employees agreed that their Manager would benefit from more leadership training.

Leaders want to motivate their teams and their teams want to be motivated.

They just need to be shown how. Training is the key and not just any kind of training. If we can bring the latest leadership research and the top experts to Fiji then we can see businesses in Fiji not just thrive locally but also internationally.

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