Letters To The Editor, 10th July 2017

Boxing’s best Donald Singh, Lautoka Ravudi wanting to teach ‘The Sniper’ is exactly what I was looking for all this while. Having watched Sebastian from ringside, from as close as
10 Jul 2017 10:46
Letters To The Editor, 10th July 2017
Sebastian Singh

Boxing’s best

Donald Singh, Lautoka

Ravudi wanting to teach ‘The Sniper’ is exactly what I was looking for all this while.

Having watched Sebastian from ringside, from as close as three metres, I think any boxer will have a hard time beating him. However, he is beatable, and it could be easier than many think. Jese Ravudi thinks so too.

The problem is, these weight categories are too confusing for me. To be honest, the boxers I picked as good ones were Krishna Mudaliar, Johnny Singh, Ronald Naidu, ‘Tiger’ Abhay Chand, Sebastian himself and Tomu (needs proper coaching). Nereo Cakautini thought he was brawling drunk on some beach or street corner, and good the referee disqualified him. After suffering Nereo’s street fight, the cool-headed Michael began losing his cool and almost resorted to some street stuff of his own before the referee intervened.

The charismatic Usman ‘Lale’ was the reason most of the ringside crowd kept their cool as frustration had reached boiling point due the very disorganised way the entire night unfolded. Why do they have to carry out inspection in the ring for the boxers to put on gloves? Why can’t they have officials doing that prior to ring entry? Okay, Boxing Fiji lacks qualified personnel to do that. But I could be wrong. It could be just that they didn’t do it right. The fans were on the verge of using expletives, and luckily ‘Lale’ kept smiling back at us (actually making us suffer silently in frustration, all out of respect for the man). Strayed? Yes.

Back to Jese throwing down the gauntlet to ‘The Sniper’, it makes perfect sense. Boxing has its own rankings, but fans want to witness a brawl, a good one.

This is my analysis: Krishna Mudaliar can beat ‘The Sniper’. The tough, calm and patient Ronald Naidu could do it too. I really don’t know if these guys have touched gloves with each other. Krishna’s punching power will certainly rock many a boxer.

‘The Sniper’ suggests that Jese fight Naidu and Ronald first, and that makes sense as well. But what if Jese beats ‘The Sniper’ on their fight date? Will the match happen? Scribbling the above, I may have gotten the weight categories wrong and put fighters in all the wrong baskets, but damn, all those guys look alike and fit the same frame, and only a few kilogrammes or maybe grams separate them.

The (so-called) ‘Razor’ is history and hopefully stays zipped and becomes a support staff. He disappointed all his fans that cold night. I had predicted him getting KO’d in round two. My good friend Mr Bulutani, I honestly don’t know how the Boxing Commission Fiji operates and does business.

What we want to know is whether we are getting the right fighters against each other, and more importantly, we want to see the best emerging from local competitions. If Jese Ravudi wants a fight with Sebastian, someone must make it happen. If Conor McGregor (not a boxer) can dance with Mayweather, Jese against Sebastian is a no-brainer.

Bring it on please! Beating ‘Razor’ is not sufficient to call himself ‘the best’. Jese is Jo Ravudi’s son. Come on, regardless of the rankings or weight divisions, have it organised before the rainy season sets in around late October. Otherwise, you can’t fit 10,000 people in the Vodafone Arena. It must be done in the open-air, at a stadium.

Just make sure the night ends around 10pm. Midnight is too late. I saw some babies at the fight, sleeping in the cold; 10pm for bedtime wouldn’t be bad. Midnight or 1am (when they reach home) is ungodly.


Rabuka unrealistic, insensitive

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Voreqe Bainimarama is the United Nations COP23 President.

He is doing his level best to garner support from world leaders and member countries in his endeavour to fight climate change issues that are a reality and priority right now, the fight to protect our very well being and survival.

Our PM is very passionate about climate change and it is a very daunting task indeed, a pressing issue that requires the support of the world and all Fijians alike, but Sitiveni Rabuka’s call that Mr Bainimarama is interfering in American politics is childish and unrealistic.

Donald Trump has withdrawn his support from the COP21 Paris Agreement but not his individual State Governors who are standing by the COP23 Presidency in their support for our PM as they are sensible enough to understand its negative impact to our planet earth. There is absolutely no politics in these American State Governors’ endorsements and it is sensible, positive and is a move in the right direction. Veto Powers in the UN by the American President or not, he is only one person out of the many other very responsible PM’s and Presidents from member countries. COP23 is independent and it is sad to note the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris agreement because America is the second largest industrial polluter in our planet.

Rabuka should know by now that America is the ‘Land of the Free and Brave’, they are only fully exercising their democratic rights just as Trump did but it is sad that this former PM cannot see the importance of seeking solutions to the effects of climate change throughout Fiji and other small island nations in the Pacific. His criticism of Mr Bainimarama is uncalled for, unpatriotic and irresponsible to say the least.

Rabuka should look after his own backyard first; it makes me wonder why he cannot support our PM on climate change, it will show maturity on his part but I can only guess he is a very desperate returning ambitious failed politician who is hanging on to his last straw.

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