Why We Chose FNU: Agri Students

  Meet some students of the Fiji National University’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Koronivia, Nausori. These students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Forestry,
14 Jul 2017 11:00
Why We Chose FNU: Agri Students
Back from left: Gade Gaunavou, Mohammed Rasheed Iqbal and Timoci Radolou. Front from left: Tricia Underwood, Vasiti Bainivalu and Lily Qaunavou. Photo: Ashna Kumar


Meet some students of the Fiji National University’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Koronivia, Nausori.

These students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinary, Fisheries and Commercial Farming spoke to Fiji Sun as part of the build-up to FNU’s Open Day on July 20 and 21.

The students are: Mohammed Rasheed Iqbal of Tailevu, Timoci Radolou, 26, of Cicia Island in Lau, Lily Qaunavou, 23, of Mua in Batiki Island, Tricia Underwood, 22, of Ba, Gade Gaunavou, 23 of Lau and Vasiti Bainivalu, 32, of Bau Island, Tailevu.


How was the transition from high school to university life like?

“Secondary schools are more relaxed because our teachers give us everything but when I joined tertiary, life was different and more independent,” Mr Iqbal said.

“High school was more about friends, enjoying the moment but university is more challenging because it provides you all the information that you need to achieve and carry on with your career path,” Mr Radolou said.

“It is very different from university life because it demands a lot of dedication and passion to work harder,” Ms Qaunavou said.

“High school for me was more fun and relaxing but in university you have to be very particular with how  you are dividing your attention because if you miss out on something important, you won’t be able to recover it,” Ms Underwood said.

“University life is more focused and well-oriented and as a student, you need to know and set your priorities right,” Mr Gaunavou said.

“I joined university after a lapse of 15 years but I can tell you that when you take a break for so many years, it gets difficult for you to keep up with your facts and knowledge,” Ms Bainivalu said.


Why did you choose FNU?

“Because FNU offers the full course of veterinary and animal husbandry programme which I was interested in while growing up in a farming settlement, focusing on livestock and agriculture,” Mr Iqbal said.

“FNU has more programmes to offer in the agriculture sector,” Mr Radolou said.

“I have relatives that have studied at FNU and they have advised that the lecturers were more helpful and supportive towards the students,” Ms Qaunavou said.

“FNU provides us with more hands-on work than just theory work,” Ms Underwood said.

“The lecturers at FNU are more open to us and are at our level to ensure we get all the much needed information,” Mr Gaunavou said.

“FNU is Fiji’s university and many of its programmes are internationally recognised,” Ms Bainivalu said.


What motivated you to choose your programme?

“I chose to take the veterinary programme to assist the country with adequate love and passion towards animals because I want to build a great bonding with farmers related in animal field,” Mr Iqbal said.

“I come from a farming background and I want to learn as much as I can to help and educate my family and people of Cicia back home,” Mr Radolou said.

“I want to learn and reach out to everyone in the community and help them know about our fish and the importance of fish breeding,” Ms Qaunavou said.

“I want to learn about our agriculture sector because I want to advocate on the importance and effects of climate change,” Ms Underwood said.

“I took agriculture in high school and was very fascinated seeing how trees grow and that’s where I got my interest from,” Mr Gaunavou said.

“I wanted to learn about commercial farming so that one day I can produce my own products and help my community,” Ms Bainivalu said.


What is your advice to those wishing to study at FNU?

“I would tell the students coming for the Open Day to choose a career path where you have respect to nature and its creation,” Mr Iqbal said.

“We have such a great land but all we need to do is work together and invest in our country,” Mr Radolou said.

“If you want to go fast then go alone but if you want to go further then go together and that is what agriculture is about,” Ms Qaunavou said.

“FNU is where you will learn in classrooms, workshops and out in the field for you to attain proper knowledge before you start working,” Mr Underwood said.

“FNU is our country’s pride, our own university and it will keep improving just for students to have better tertiary education,” Mr Gaunavou said.

“I encourage females to be a part of the agriculture sector and not only men because we need to be equal in everything we do,” Ms Bainivalu said.

Edited by Ranoba Baoa



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