Letters to the Editor, 18th July, 2017

Be patriotic! Herleen Emily, Nadi As a concerned youth of this country, I have seen the lack of interest in youths towards our nation. Today, when we critically analyse Fiji,
18 Jul 2017 11:10
Letters to the Editor, 18th July, 2017
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Be patriotic!

Herleen Emily, Nadi

As a concerned youth of this country, I have seen the lack of interest in youths towards our nation.

Today, when we critically analyse Fiji, we are amazed with the developments that has taken place in a less period of time.

It is hard to make people understand the phase of development Fiji is currently going through.

Today, Fiji is one of the least countries in the world to have had retained its natives in such a large mass.

Isn’t this visible evidence of how Fiji is and what it has offered the people of Fiji?

Some people are thought to make intolerant comments that is against this country. That Fiji is already in so much debt and that tourism is the only means of revenue for the Government. Furthermore, deliberating that if tourism collapses, Fiji’s economy will also collapse.

People further question, what is the Government doing about it? Ask yourselves what are you doing about it?

Rather than finding a solution about it, people are going around making negative comments about Fiji. This beautiful island nation has catered for different cultural backgrounds of people who are permanent residents in Fiji.

I still cannot understand why people tend to make negative comments about Fiji verbally on social media and many other vocal platforms. If you don’t like what Fiji is offering you, don’t go around making an issue out of it.

Every country has its flaws, no country is perfect. It’s the people living in the country who make life harder to be lived. One should be always proud of their country and be patriotic. Be proud of Fiji and what it has offered you from birth.

This land of beauty; respect it like your mother.

Truck hazard

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Investments in the main Nadi tourism-related areas have increased tremendously and is an excellent economic indicator apart from creating jobs for our fellow Fijians.

From these increase in investments it has brought with it the movement of Fijians or urban drift, with the demand for housing and the necessary Government public utilities capacity must be increased as well to sustain both the investor development and the high migration numbers respectively.

One such increase is the demand for landfill’s in the Wailoaloa Tourism Bay, Fantasy Bay Tourism developments and the Denarau South Mangrove reclamation where it has brought about a lot of hype in the trucking business. The demand for soap stone and top soil is high.

Soap stone extraction is currently being carried out in the greater Dratabu including the Nawaicoba, Nasau and Namulomulo in the Nadi Back roads.

These trucks cart the soap stones to its destination without a tarpaulin covered at the top to stop them from falling off due to overloading and to prevent dust particles blown all over the roads due to the windy conditions.

These same trucks also carry uprooted palm trees making their way out through the many roads in Nadi and into the Nadi Back Road for dumping with their respective back tray open and exposed.

They have become a hazard to all road users and I would like to ask LTA, FRA and the Nadi Town Council to urgently look at this matter. There must be some weigh bridge installed for these trucks because I am being informed that most are over loaded and can cause damage to our new roads.

The FSC and LTA might also want to consider getting all trucks carting cane to cover them up with tarpaulin to prevent them from falling and cause unnecessary risk to other drivers and pedestrians. It is a daily occurrence during our yearly cane harvesting seasons and lives have been lost in the past.


Kirti Patel, Lautoka

I may have missed out, but I am curious to know if anyone from the higher authorities have clarified the issues raised lately in regards to the the E-ticketing system.

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