A resident who made three workers pick up all the office waste from his neighbourhood’s designated skip bin back into their pickup truck has been commended by Parveen Bala. The
22 Jul 2017 13:02
A man reaches down into the skip bin to collect what they had dumped into it as Anil Kumar (left), stands close by to watch them pick the rubbish and place it again in their truck on July 20, 2017. Photo: Jone Luvenitoga

A resident who made three workers pick up all the office waste from his neighbourhood’s designated skip bin back into their pickup truck has been commended by Parveen Bala.

The Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment said more people should be like Anil Kumar, of Narere River Road who on Thursday stood up to those illegally dumping rubbish in their bin for which residents pay a fee.

“This is very good that residents are standing up and taking a stand. More people should be like Mr Kumar in raising their voice on littering,” Mr Bala said.

“I applaud Mr Kumar for his effort in keeping his locality clean and thank him for taking such a stand,” he said.

An angry Mr Kumar made the workers, believed to be from a construction company, pick all the rubbish they had illegally dumped in the bin and watched them as they did so.

He had witnessed when the pickup truck, which had a company’s name, pull over in his neighbourhood parked in front of the skip bin and began offloading office waste into the bin.

The bin just so happened to be in front of his home.

In that instant, Mr Kumar walked over to the men and in a firm tone, in Hindi, told them to remove all the office waste they had dumped into the skip bin back into their truck.

With bypassers looking on, the men did as they were told.

In an interview, Mr Kumar said it was about time someone did something that so often occurred in their area.

“Frequently, workers from various businesses bring their rubbish and dump it outside the garbage container we hire from the Nasinu Town Council,” he said.

Mr Kumar claimed it usually happened at night. People from other areas would come and dump their rubbish inside their community bin.

“This garbage container is right beside my house and gets filled very quickly by rubbish that doesn’t belong here,” Mr Kumar said.

“When the bin gets full, the residents of the area have to leave the rubbish on the ground defeating the whole purpose of keeping our community clean.”

He added that as a result, the stray dogs come and tear the garbage bags scattering the kitchen rubbish, used diapers and other rubbish on the main road.

“When rubbish gets scattered and torn by stray dogs, it gives an awful smell and I can’t even enjoy a cup of tea nor have a decent resting time on my porch,” he added.

“I always have to close the front door of the house to keep the smell out.”

Mr Kumar also called the owner of the company which had dumped the rubbish in the skip bin, requesting the owner to refrain from doing such a thing again.

The skip bin serves about 400 residents of the settlement which gets collected twice a week by the council.

Meanwhile, Mr Bala also confirmed that now the Tacirua and Tamavua areas will have their rubbish collected by the Suva City Council (SCC).

He said he had had a meeting with SCC, NTC and other authorities and it was decided that the SCC would be collecting rubbish from the Suva area.

Edited by Ranoba Baoa


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