Alleged wife stabber takes stand

  Rakesh Narayan, 47, accused of stabbing his ex-wife, gave evidence in court about what transpired on May 16, last year. The case was heard before Judge Justice Riyaaz Hamza
28 Jul 2017 11:00
Alleged wife stabber takes stand


Rakesh Narayan, 47, accused of stabbing his ex-wife, gave evidence in court about what transpired on May 16, last year.

The case was heard before Judge Justice Riyaaz Hamza at the High Court in Suva yesterday. He is charged with one count each of attempted murder and act with intent to cause grievous harm.

It is alleged that he stabbed his ex-wife, Shakindra Devi, on the face outside the Shop N Save supermarket in Nakasi.

The state prosecution is represented by Kimberley Semisi while Narayan is representing himself.

Narayan’s testimony

“I came home to my cousin brother’s house where I was staying at Nadawa on May 15, last year.  I brought with me six bottles of beer and my cousin brother’s son and I started drinking,” he said.

“Around 8.45pm my friend Jojo called me and informed me that my wife, Shakindra Devi, got married to a guy from overseas and he told me that now I have to look after my children. I then promised him that I will look after my two daughters.

“I was shocked after hearing that my wife was married and where will my children stay, then I told my cousin brother’s son that am coming back. I went to my daughter’s grandparents place and called my daughter Payal. When my daughter saw me she ran to me and we held each other’s hand.

“I asked her how are you? are you ok. Then I asked her, has your mother gotten married but she never answered. I asked her where will you stay but she never replied and when I looked at her eyes, she was about to cry.

“I reversed my car and went to Shop N Save supermarket at Nakasi. I wanted to talk to Devi when she gets out of her work place.

“When she came out I went to her, I held on to her left hand and I pulled her. There was another person with her who interfered and came in the middle then I pushed him and he went away. When he came back the second time I told him that this is not your problem, you back off. When he came to me the third time, I left Devi’s hand and punched him on the face.

“Then I saw that he was trying to take out something from his pocket then I used my right leg to stomp on his chest. When he completely fell to the ground, I used my left leg to step on his right hand and then he released the knife. So I took that knife from him and I stabbed him just above the left side of his eyebrow for my defence.

“After stabbing him when I lifted my hand, Devi held on to my right hand. One, two times I jerked my hand when suddenly Devi released my hand and since I was pulling my hand as well to get free, the knife went straight to her chin.

“When she was hurt I left her and I went away to where my car was parked and there was a garden opposite my car, I threw the knife there.”

He further told the court that he went to his mother’s place where he informed his brother that he had accidently stabbed Ms Devi and he told another cousin that he was worried about what he had done.

Nayaran said that a Naisnu Police Station officer Maharaj came to him and asked him what he had done and told him that the Police were searching for him.

He told the court that officer Maharaj had taken him to the Nakasi Police Station where he was questioned.

Narayan alleged that the Police officers had not provided him with his rights and had assaulted him during his caution interview.

Narayan will be cross-examined today. Edited by Naisa Koroi

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