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Letters To The Editor, 30th July, 2017

Fiji Sun poll result expected Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori The 59 per cent given to Bainimarama and the 56 per cent given to FijiFirst by the Fiji Sun poll is not
30 Jul 2017 11:07
Letters To The Editor, 30th July, 2017

Fiji Sun poll result expected

Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori

The 59 per cent given to Bainimarama and the 56 per cent given to FijiFirst by the Fiji Sun poll is not a surprise. It confirms the general feeling of the nation.

The FijiFirst Government’s mechanism started grinding from the first day after winning the 2014 General Election and is still accelerating now.

The success of the party is the result of an almost revolutionary ideology which inspired a dedicated team of hardworking people with true leadership totally focused on bringing prosperity and fairness for all.

But after saying all this, we cannot deny and must acknowledge that because we are mere humans, there will always be shortfalls.

From civil servants who may have unfairly got the brunt of the blame for some discrepancies in the Auditor-General’s Report and to some FijiFirst supporters who love to ride on the bandwagon despite doing exactly the opposite of what the party preaches.

From those who expected Government to do everything for them to some of us who neglect exercises and healthy diets unnecessarily stretching the Government’s budgetary allocation on NCDs.

From those who still litter our environment despite our holding the Presidency of COP23 to those who bring nothing useful to Parliament but just to argue and debate aimlessly.

From those parents who fail to send their children to school despite Government’s free education initiative and many more.

We are all part and parcel of these shortfalls.

We each have a part to play and the decisions we make every day plays a bigger part in our success or failure in life compared to anything that Government can give or do.

We are all masters of our own fate and captains of our own souls.


FBC 63 years on

Vili Yaranamua,  Nadi

Congratulations to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation. 63-years of talking and entertaining the people of Fiji since 1954.

I can still recall in the mid 60s we used to have a primary school quiz competition between Marist Brothers Primary School and Annesley. We were neighbours in Toorak and still are.

Our quiz teacher for the competition known as ‘Na kila kila mada’ (quiz test) was the late Vasiti Raiwalui.

To those of you who had been inside the old recording room, you know how cold it is.

That`s the place where our quiz competitions were held.

When there was an interval we all had to rush outside to get some sun before going back inside. The prizes we won were all school stationery and were so precious at that time. From the Colonial days of working to the modern computerised system, thank you FBC for keeping us in touch with all the news, songs and entertainment.

Happy birthday FBC!


Levuka Hospital

Satish Nakched, 


The Levuka Hospital has been in existence for more than a century and there was a segregation between the White people and the other races.

The section for the colonial residents had separate individual cubicle rooms whereas it was the dormitory type for the other patients.

The building window design was made for the tropical climate which had lovely large wooden windows that needed a window stick to keep it open and was subject to the cool Koro Sea breeze.

During its peak the building was painted white and the garden stones were applied with white wash. The wooden floor inside the hospital was varnished.

This hospital also had a maternity ward and was an entry point into existance for most of us, the Ovalauans, and others in Fiji who share a very strong sentimental attachment to  their place of birth.

There was a dental clinic at the rear along the incline going up towards the Delana Methodist High School.

This hospital due to its central location also provided medical services to the entire Lomaiviti Group and a Government vessel was allocated and stationed in Levuka for this purpose. Next to the old hospital was a new and a modern multi-storey building which is still in use.

The old hospital has sadly deteriorated and is now on the verge of total destruction.

The doors and the windows are gone and the wooden portion of the building is rotten and poses some serious threat to the community.

I suggest that if this old building is of no use to the Health Ministry and Medical Services then it should be repaired and transferred to the Delana Methodist High School and be used as classrooms. It is close the school in any case.

The building design and the structure should be repaired to its original uniqueness and will greatly reduce the space shortage in the school. We need to preserve this piece of history at all costs because nothing has changed to our national treasure ever since its existence.


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